Truth or Dare (2018)
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A group of college kids on Spring Break in Mexico are initiated into a deadly game of Truth or Dare.
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I desperately need to know if this is must-see-shitty or just shitty-shitty.
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Virtually no good AHHH! scares, not fast and frenetic enough to keep me from asking questions about / poking holes in the "rules" while I was sitting in the theater, and the actors were (for me, an Old) not charming enough to really keep me wanting any of them to live for any particular reason.

And, perhaps worst of all, the end was nonsensical and derivative.
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posted by phunniemee at 12:43 PM on April 19, 2018

Some folks over at /r/movies reported having a good time when they and the audience they were in took it as a comedy.
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