Ash vs Evil Dead: Judgment Day
April 22, 2018 7:05 PM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Ash leaves the boomstick at home with Brandy and launches himself into a final confrontation with Ruby and the creature who's stolen Kelly's body.
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Brandy: "Dad." (x2!)


The Brandy character is really growing on me. Like, Ash is totally sketchy, but she's adapting.

"You want me? I'm Ashy Slashy's daughter!"

The show really benefits from having a neophyte to experience the 'Evil.' Holy Shit, Brandy in the shed is some sweet, sweet homage and an interesting modern reinterpretation. She still doesn't seem like a "natural," though.

I'm kinda curious as to Arielle Carver-O'Neill (Brandy)'s eyebrow thing when she runs into Pablo. I wonder if that was directed, or if she picked up Campbell's eyebrows thing herself.

Gosh, Dana DeLorenzo really really wears clothes well. Lucy Lawless is timeless.

The body-availability/ coming-back-from-the-dead/ dried-blood-coloured robes-dudes (Dark Ones) thing... is incredibly internally consistent/ makes sense. <shrug> ok

I found Ash using the Necronomicon to walkie-talkie Pablo hillarious for some reason*.

The music/ sound for this episode kind of stood out, too...

The teaser for the next (Finale) episode is bloody fucking NUTS.

*(Like, if this was a CoC session, casual use of the Necronomicon for communication would be SAN prohibitive.)
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