Good Girls: Season 1
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Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta have problems, so they decide to rob a grocery store. It goes perfectly. And then things go very wrong.

As the season ends, I'm wondering whether anyone else is watching this neat little network-lite would-be Breaking Bad / Claws.
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I gave the first two episodes (ok...episode and a half) a try. I liked the cast a lot (and came away wishing the show had more meat for them to chew on) but it all just felt very familiar. Like they had cribbed plot points from a half-dozen other shows. It’s not a bad show. But not real memorable, either.
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I keep watching it because I want it to succeed and get better, but it never really does and that makes me sad. The cast is SO GOOD, so why isn't it amazing?
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omg, I've spent the afternoon binging this (I'm on e05 now) while working on something for work, and was wondering if anyone else here was watching.

Yes yes the entire cast is incredible.

It straddles a very fine line for me - people making absolutely terrible decisions usually annoys me but this is hilariously "complicated."

Now that my expectations have been tempered here, I hope I enjoy the rest of the season.
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It's difficult for me to say until I see how the season ends. I enjoy it, but Christina Hendricks' character reminds me of Walter White and I'm not sure how that is gonna work in a comedy.
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Ok, the ending is pretty (damned) clever, but pretty implausible.

I don't know what to feel about the specific characterizations, but the story wraps ok, with a big greyarea/fuckcops bit. A "well this would actually" that wasn't particularly believable. ...

But fuck, no - and of course she isn't savvy enough to check to see if there was already a round chambered, and not enough to see if the rounds in the clip were for-real.

Appreciate the writers hoping for another season, but it was pretty unbelievable from the start.


Hendrics may aspire to Cranston, but doesn't have the writing where she's given the chance to perform.
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Good Girls was renewed for a second season!
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It is coming back on March 3rd! I am really happy since I finally watched season one over the past week. I was thinking the whole time that this might be the only season since it did not come back in the fall.
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Season 1 is currently available on netflix for anyone who wants to rewatch or catch up!
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Reminds me of Fargo (the movie, I haven't seen the TV show) except you really want them to succeed.
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Season 2 is looking like it's exceeding/ maturing from Season 1 well.

The criticisms, mine included, are (apparently, so far) largely addressed - but it's a slow start to getting those addressed.
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Only a few episodes in and this is good actually?? It is very like Claws in some ways, but that's not a bad thing. Points for not being in FL...
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I absolutely loved this show. I've only seen Season 1, but the acting was great and the suspense/tension is juuuuuust enough to get my heart racing without having to pause and leave the room.

I want to know what Beth said to Mary Pat. Is she part of the team now?? I love that she has the strength to call out Leslie when he comes to her place drunk. (Honestly, their dates were so awkward I don't know which made me more uncomfortable, that or the 'will they won't they' get caught/killed.
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