3%: Chapter 04: Napkin (Guardanapo)
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Ivana and Joana subject their captives to grueling interrogations to find out who's telling the truth. Marcela reaches out to an Inlander for help.

*Ivana knocks out Michele and puts her and Rafael in separate rooms to interrogate. Michele awakes to Ezequiel’s voice in her ear, angry at her for never telling him about Rafael being Causa, and tells her she’s on her own, but she calls his bluff and he agrees to get her through the situation alive. He tells her she has the upper hand, since Rafael can only use the truth as his defense but she can say anything.

*Joana tries threatening Rafael with torture, but gets nowhere, and Ivana seems to get nowhere in her interrogation of Michele either. Then they try pitting Michele and Rafael against each other – Rafael tells everyone about Michele’s brother being a murderer and the reason she’s working for Ezequiel, Michele tells them her brother is dead, and reveals Ezequiel’s connection to Causa.

*Marcela calls Ezequiel about Rafael’s kidnapping and her plans to use maximum forces to locate him, but he tells her not to jeopardize the Processo for one soldier who is probably dead already. A frustrated Marcela contacts Gerson for help in locating Rafael.

*Fernando talks to Michele – he says what happened between them was a mistake, but that he believes her.

*Ivana tells Joana and Rafael that she believes Michele is the traitor, that during her solo investigation she spotted her ‘tell’, and knows she lied about her brother being dead.

*Michele dreams of/has flashbacks of Andre and the mirrored cell, and her mirrored maze, under the influence of the truth gas as Ivana interrogates her some more. Fernando tells Joana that they need Michele for his plan to work, but she throws him out.

*Gerson contacts Marcela with news of Rafael having been spotted going into the orphanage, and that it’s a known Causa location.

*Ivana gasses Rafael for further interrogation, asking him about Elisa. He admits that he fell in love, that his motives may be self-serving in wanting to be seen as a hero to La Causa, but insists that he never betrayed them.

*Joana continues questioning a still-gassed Michele about her loyalties. Ezequiel tells her to find a truth among the lies, and she tells Joana that the truth is she hates Ezequiel for the torture and manipulation he has put her through. Alone, Michele continues to rail against him, frees herself from the ropes, and is about the smash her way out of the cage to join Joana, when Ezequiel connects Andre to her transmitter. Andres cries to her that Ezequiel has promised that Michele will get him set free, and she agrees.

*Marcela leads her troops into the orphanage. Joana runs to Michele, and they sneak out of the cell via a secret passage Ezequiel directs Michele to. Ivana unties Rafael, but with no way out she gives him her gun and tells him to keep his cover intact by killing her. As he hesitates, Ivana pulls his trigger finger herself. Joana and Michele witness the killing from a catwalk, but not Ivana’s participation.

*Marcela calls Cassia to report the success of her mission, and Cassia tells her there’s something she needs to know about Michele and Ezequiel.
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I couldn't catch exactly what Michele told Ivana about Ezequiel and Causa. Or, that is, I think she told her that Ezequiel used to be part of La Causa, but I didn't get what she was saying that meant about Rafael's loyalties, or either man's loyalty to the Processo. Did anyone else?

I was afraid at the start of the episode that Rafael was going to be killed off -- I didn't see how they could keep him working as an Inlander with Ezequiel able to blow his cover, but, now that he's apparently proven his loyalty to Marcela with his shooting of Ivana, and with Ezequiel's precarious position amongst the hierarchy and whatever suspicions Cassia is about to cast on him, Marcela won't be brooking any objections to Rafael staying on her team.

(I don't feel like I have much to say episode-by-episode as compared to season 1, since it's not as much of a puzzle/the world building is done. There's the mystery of whether Andre really is a murderer, and how 'The Founding Trio' became 'The Founding Couple', which I assume we'll be getting more info on by the end, but there's more plot than world-building this time around. Not a complaint, really, just an observation.)
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I'm enjoying the switch to more plot that puzzle-of-the-week style, but having so much time between the last season and this one helped.

I actually guessed that Ivana wouldn't survive for much longer, but only until the end of this episode was a surprise. She definitely put way more trust in Rafael than I would've in her shoes, especially with the detail about Elisa coming out.

I couldn't catch exactly what Michele told Ivana about Ezequiel and Causa.
I think she basically told Ivana that Ezequiel used to be part of the Cause, which is something Rafael wouldn't know. And she pushed on that point that Rafael should know that fact if he's been in contact with the old man, which she already proved when she busted him for confronting her last season that he was also in The Cause. So when he kept denying that he knew that fact it made his loyalty seemingly with Ezequiel. It's a shaky premise, but I think the shakiness is built into the plot to further confuse Ivana.
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