3%: Chapter 06: Bottles (Garrafas)
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As the hunt for Cause members heats up, Gloria wrestles with raging doubts, Michele and Joana search for the bomb, and Fernando makes a defiant move.

*Gloria awakes to Marcela’s radio announcement that the Processo will go forward as scheduled, asking that anyone with info on Causa members come forward, that they will be rewarded with an advantage in their Processo. At the Processo building, Marcela addresses her troops about the murder of Ezequiel and rails against Causa.

*Fernando walkie-talkies Joana, wondering if revealing the sterilization secret could make people turn against the Processo, but Joana says nobody would pay any attention to him. Later, he observes the registration station, then ‘accidentally’ knocks over some stuff and steals the technician’s announcement transmitter.

*Michele and Joana follow Silas to a building and search for the bomb once he leaves. Joana finds the flask near an elevator shaft. They pry the elevator open; Joana climbs down and finds the bomb, passing it up to Michele, who briefly seems to abandon Joana in the shaft, but then pries it back open to help her out.

*Gloria joins the pre-Procession street party, dancing and drinking with Ariel. Fernando’s father (Antonio) opens the vibrant Procession parade. Joana and Michele sneak into the crowd, are spotted by Silas, but manage to elude him.

*Fernando watches the Procession, which pauses when Antonio delivers a speech on the beauty of the Processo. Fernando interrupts via the stolen transmitter, broadcasting to everyone (via their registration chips) that the final purification ritual is sterilization.

*A security agent asks Gloria about Fernando; she says she doesn’t believe he’s Causa but doesn’t know where he is. He turns out to be just around the corner, waiting to ask Gloria for help in evading capture. Gloria hears the voice of her mother in memory, saying “I saw what you did to the pastor’s son”, and agrees to hide him.

*Joana and Michele drink together, but Michele runs away with the bomb once Joana turns her back.

*Gloria takes Fernando to a hiding place where, as 10-year-olds, they got married. Gloria confesses to Fernando that she is responsible for the accident that paralyzed him, that she didn’t warn him about the wobbly brick in on the roof ledge that she had challenged him to walk. But Fernando says her mother already told him, but that he never blamed her for it. He tries again to convince her not to go through the Processo, but fails.

*Michele gives the bomb to Marcela, and says she was never Causa, that she just wants to get back on submarine and see Andre. Marcela thanks her and sends her to the submarine, then tells Cassia to meet Michele there.

*Antonio sees Gloria getting two bowls of food, and she pretends they are both for her. Back at the hideout, Security agents (including Rafael) capture Fernando, as Gloria returns. At Joana’s hideout, men find her and drag her out. On the submarine, Cassia greets Michele.

*At the Processo building, Rafael frisks Fernando, but pretends not to see his walkie-talkie, to Fernando’s surprise.
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This episode did something that frequently annoyed me in Bollywood DVDs -- no subtitles during the musical number! Why? A song is made up of words and words have meaning, why do they get omitted? (I mean, I imagine that the script given to the caption house just has some kind of "[musical number ensues]" stage direction because the musical number gets developed & directed by a different unit of production, but, still, it irks.

Not sure what to make of the reveal of how Fernando became paralyzed. I feel like it doesn't really jibe with his attitude in S1 to the news that Offshore could heal him, that having a reveal of his disability being a result of traumatic injury rather than something he was born with is too much of a ret-con.
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Aaahh yeah I wanted subtitles during the song too! Although for me, the procession scene leading up to Fernando's announcement went on a bit too long.

I also thought he as paralyzed since birth. And I would've also introduced Gloria in season 1. Showing how much history they have here and the accident was definitely a major ret-con. At no point in season 1 did he show that he had any connections to his past life aside from his father who's just a devout jerk. It made him seem more cold to Gloria when he started a relationship with Michele, since Gloria is only a year behind and he could've held onto the idea that she might get to Offshore with him in a year. But perhaps they always had a brother/sister relationship, which made the kiss here all the more weird. However, when he made clear with Michele that he wasn't doing stuff for the Cause because of her (and we know it's because he's trying to keep Gloria from going through the Process), it was an odd note given how attached they were last season. I guess a year apart can change people? I shouldn't read too much into all that, since it's ultimately inconsequential and doesn't change Fernando's motivation in this season. But they better stay consistent with all that from here on out.

I get the feeling Silas or somebody sold Joana out to Gerson. I hope she'll simply be locked up and nothing worse.

So it seems like Michele will get "special" treatment on the Offshore now? I doubt Marcela is going to treat her any better, or her brother for that matter. She's never had a high opinion of either of them.
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