3%: Chapter 10: Blood (Sangue)
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Last-minute setbacks force Fernando and Joana to improvise. As chaos erupts on the day of the Process, Michele concocts a plan of her own. (Season finale)

*Fernando sneaks from his cell down to a security panel and disables all of the cameras. Joana finds her way to the data room but is spotted by Marco and the militia men who start firing at her, and chase her into the mirror maze. She radios Fernando and tells him he has to complete the mission.

*In the Offshore, Rafael discovers his security clearance isn’t high enough to access the data room.

*At the Processo data room, Fernando finds the storage device is in freezing-cold liquid. About to reach into it barehanded regardless, he finds his bloody hand wrapping registers as a contaminant, and cuts his hands up to get enough blood in the unit for 100% contamination.

*In the maze, Marco shoots at, then tries to strangle Joana, but she manages to knock him out with his cane, and she finds her way out of the maze, and finds Fernando passed out on the data room floor. She binds his wounds and wheels him away to hide in a bathroom.

*In the Offshore, Michele finds Rafael trying to pry the data room door open. She tells him that she found out something terrible about the Founders, and wants to help him destroy the data, but once she gets him in the room she knocks him out from behind and transfers all the data into a hand-held storage device instead.

*Gloria heads to the Processo building with the rest of the 20-year-olds and finds the doors shut.

*Michele surrenders to Cassia and demands she take her to Nair.

*Nair tells Marcela not to make a statement to the crowd, but when she tells them to await further instructions, they force their way under the gate. Marcela sends the guards in riot gear, and fighting ensues. Joana uses the distraction to escape with Fernando; he and Gloria see each other, and Gloria gets hit in the face by security.

*As the crowd storms past the guards, Nair makes an announcement that Processo 105 will go forward, but they must wait until sundown. Back at the Council chamber, Nair tells Michele she agrees to her terms, and will see her at sundown.

*Rafael comes to, and sees the ‘Data transfer complete’ message.

*Marcela goes to the mirror maze and finds Marco still there. She says that he failed his second chance, he belongs Inland, and she never wants to see him anywhere near the building again.

*Joana and Fernando celebrate with the Causa members, but later Rafael calls them to tell them that Michele tricked him, and that the Processo was not stopped.

*As the sun begins setting with no start to the Processo, Ariel leads the other candidates in making their way through the guards (now armed with guns).

*Michele finds Fernando and shows him a fleet of drones flying overhead. She tells him that she blackmailed the Council into giving her the seeds, vaccines, fertilizers, etc., to start a new place that isn’t Offshore or Inland, and asks him to join her in making the new place. She releases the data to Nair, and Nair announces the start of the Processo just in time to avert direct confrontation between the candidates and the guards.
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i barrelled through this show, just as i knew it would happen, and now i need to go to bed.

i liked it a lot. the pacing felt way faster than the previous season, even with 2 more episodes. i think the ending serves as a good transition into season 3 if there will be one, but i'm pretty satisfied if this is how the show ends. for a show with this kind of premise, an ending that's more of a struggling whimper than a bang is exactly what works. the Third Founder's ideals intersecting with what they already have going on. i completely understand Fernando's hesitation in taking Michele's hand, but i wish he would. a guy like him could do a lot of good for people. I'm glad that they show Michele as clever enough to know what justice and equality might entail, but also that she can't be the only one involved.

i didn't expect both Marco and Marcela to survive the season, but they would do wonders for season 3 as they're such great characters. i almost teared up for Joana though, when Rafael is like "you're all alone again" and it was so true.

i hope Gloria survives the Process, regardless of passing. she reminded me of a few of the girls of her sensibilities that did not in season 1.
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