Steven Universe: Can't Go Back
May 7, 2018 8:02 PM - Season 5, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Ronaldo discovers something weird on the moon.
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Nice song.
posted by Small Dollar at 8:55 PM on May 7, 2018

I really liked the animation in the spy-viewer-room. Those shadows were very loom-y. Also we got to see what that mystery sphere was for!
posted by traveler_ at 9:24 PM on May 7, 2018

This episode was lovely, as are so many of the things with Steven and Lapis. This show does feelings like nothing else, and getting to hear her sing with such a wrenching song was great. For an 11 minute cartoon that was a nuanced and kind little vignette about PTSD and friendship, letting everything be how it is even if it's not solved, even if all you have is that moment of comfort from someone who loves you.

She'll be back though........Lapis, your wife and dogpumpkin miss you........
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What stood out for me about this episode is how much Steven sounded like Greg when he was assuring Lapis that she'd still be loved and welcomed back home. The animation was really Greggish too. Greg remains best TV dad for me and I really love that sort of attention to detail.
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the song was very lovely, I gotta find a recording of it asap.

man so many layers in 11 minutes and i just love this show so much.
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It was so heartbreaking to see Lapis decide that maybe she'd rather be unsafe with friends than safe and alone, only to throw it all away again the moment the danger becomes even slightly more real.
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Lapis just goes around and around in a circle. It's a heartbreakingly honest characterization, and one I don't think I've ever seen done as well. Lapis isn't just there to break our hearts, though; she's not a strictly tragic character. She's too real for that.
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Also, I'm adding this episode to the list of examples of people saying "the milky way" or "another Galaxy" when they mean "the solar system" or "another star system"
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As someone with PTSD who sometimes struggles to trust, well, everything, Lapis is one of the characters in pretty much any media that feels like she captures the most of some important essence of my experience. Which is both gratifying and discomfiting.
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I keep on listening to 'On a distant shore' over and over again (thanks, youtube!) and feeling sad.
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