Brooklyn Nine-Nine: White Whale
May 14, 2018 4:54 AM - Season 5, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Rosa and Amy track down a killer who's manage to elude them for seven years; Terry helps Jake with his wedding chores; Holt and his rival try to convince each other to resign from the campaign for Commissioner.
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Very Gift of the Magi -- though the email twist caught me completely by surprise!
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Loved loved loved Alison Tolman in this, it's a shame we probably won't get her on the show again, although the NBC pickup makes anything possible. I'm gonna need to watch this again, because my local station kept breaking in with storm warnings (Wait, isn't this what we have digital subchannels for?), which basically drove a truck through the Amy/Rosa plot.
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what DOES an english garden smell like
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Slugs and wicker men.
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I've found Amy's aim for the bushes moment hilarious because that was clearly not going to help, yet, she did it anyway. This from someone with a binder for every occasion.
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Amy and Jake's plotlines had them swapping a few personality traits, though in ways that made sense for their characters. Jake, was the fretful perfectionist. Amy was the one trying to overcome sudden difficulty in a friendship by pretending it wasn't there, instead covering it up with goofy coolness (the moment in the car where she coins "Sleuth Sisters" was very Jakelike) — and later, of course, by taking a pointless physical risk out of bravado.

Gina and Charles going whisper whisper whisper is my new jam
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man, poor Terry's car.
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Sorry but there is no way in hell that Amy got to ONE WEEK PRIOR to the wedding without locking down napkins and floral arrangements. Are you kidding me? She'd have had that shit locked down within a week of booking the venue.
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Sorry but there is no way in hell that Amy got to ONE WEEK PRIOR to the wedding without locking down napkins and floral arrangements.

Presumably she was doing her best to involve Jake. And he was doing his best to not disappoint her.
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I know it was a throw away line, but I couldn’t stop laughing at Charles referencing Top Chef Junior.
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I liked the subtle moment in the scene in Holt's office where Holt, Crawford (and to a lesser extent Gina) are having a moment talking about being undervalued, and Charles tries to insert himself and is quietly reminded that he's a white guy and doesn't get to be part of a convo about representation between a woman and a gay man of colour. This show has become incredible at displaying healthy dialogue about privilege and equity without drawing attention to it.
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