Killing Eve: Take Me to the Hole
May 14, 2018 5:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A female assassin is taken into custody in Russia, and Eve and Carolyn head out to Moscow to negotiate access, believing her to hold the key to the organization that runs Villanelle. Meanwhile, Villanelle is smuggled into the same Russian jail.
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When Eve tells Vlad “these are young women manipulated into this job,” it made me think of easily the same could be said of her.
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Poor Nadia. That actor absolutely sells the helpless, heartbroken, furiously angry horror of her situation. She's terrified, she incensed at the unfairness of the thing - "I could have shot you!" - and yet, part of her still loves Oksana. Both of these women belong in prison (we met Nadia prepping for an assassination, after all), but I could totally see Nadia becoming a non-fucked-up person, eventually. Oksana ... not so much.
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Fascinating to watch Eve's low key disapproval of Carolyn's Russian connections when she's got this whole screwed up thing with Villanelle happening, I don't think Carolyn will be having that AT ALL.
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I'm a little confused at how important Eve has become after being fired and then tapped into the role of secret info gatherer. Villanelle is known now. Who she is, what she looks like. She won't be able to move through airports, use a CC, act freely throughout Europe. So now it seems there are bigger fish to fry, but isn't that waaaaay above Eve's pay grade? Or is Carolyn now grooming her to be either a field agent (for which she has no training) or her replacement (for which she has no official channel through which to rise)?

I was skeptical that they would send her to Berlin, and now even more that they would send her to Moscow. and now she has enough hand to call a secret meeting with the head of the Moscow bureau? and give away Carolyn's secret?

I'm losing my ability to suspend disbelief even though I quite enjoy the show. Villanelle is an entertaining sociopath, who is now going to give up the 12 to get out of prison and live happily ever after with Eve on the island she'll be exiled to by Carolyn.
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I'm a little confused at how important Eve has become

I have come to think it's ostentatiously unrealistic and unexplained on purpose in that regard, because it's a particularly well-done and very intentional iteration of the whole House/Sherlock thing where a mediocrity is the center of everything and, despite not seeming all that smart and despite being unbelievably callous or vicious to their partner, they have just enough charisma and good lines to be improbably loved and respected by those around them anyway.

there is absolutely no reason for Oksana to be so into Eve unless there's still-unrevealed backstory linking them or Eve just so happens to look exactly like someone from Oksana's past. there's no reason for Carolyn to trust Eve with complex tasks and spy secrets unless she's setting her up to take the fall for something. there is absolutely no reason for Nico to tolerate her outright abuse unless he's a secret spy himself.

but I doubt more than one or two of those things will turn out to be true and maybe none of them. because it's a House/Sherlock awful-special-person thing. I want to love it because in theory I really like the idea of the person everything revolves around and everyone flatters for no reason being a woman with no special skills who doesn't deserve it. instead of a white man who doesn't deserve it, as per always. but it turns out I still don't like the trope even when the sexism's taken out. it's definitely better with a woman, but not enough better.

the actors do good work and I like the show anyway, but I think the answer to "why Eve" is "why not her," and although I think the political point is well taken, it's still disappointing unless an extremely big surprise is still coming. which would be great.
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It looked soooo good on Oksana to wind up stuck in prison, but of course it's too much to hope for that she'll remain there.

Good for Nadia for managing to write that note and slip it under the door. She was still murdered, poor thing, but at least she managed to outplay Oksana for once.

What everyone else said about Eve's role/work/treatment of her husband. I am getting more and more exasperated with this show, though I do intend to stick it out until the end of this season.
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