Break out your space blanket ponchos, Better Call Saul fans
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The show is coming back August 6th, per this AV Club article.

And, per this older AVC article, Vince Gilligan sez that things get even bleaker. The show will also act as a lead-in for a new Paul Giamatti vehicle about a dude who joins a fraternal organization.
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Damn. I finally got into BCS yesterday after several failed attempts. But hearing that it gets bleaker does not make me want to continue...

The Paul Giamatti show looks interesting though, and I don't even like Paul Giamatti.
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I'm rewatching The Good Place right now, but I'd love to also maybe do a BCS rewatch, maybe just last season.
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And, per this older AVC article, Vince Gilligan sez that things get even bleaker.

Wasn't that a given? Jimmy will become Saul, and Saul has a certain ... utilitarian view of the world that Jimmy does not, at least yet. An end point for Saul is known, and it's not a happy one.

That said, there's a lot of open space on the Saul-related map that doesn't have to be grim. Perhaps Kim still exists in that orbit, and as others have speculated (and the show-runners have stated), you wouldn't want Walter White to know you have a significant anyone in your life, so it could also make sense that Jimmy might create his Saul persona as a firewall between the few people he really cares about and his clients.
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I'm so excited for the new season!
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Lodge 49? Oh, for crying out loud.
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