Colony: End of the Road
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During interrogation, Will, Katie and Snyder struggle to maintain their secrets.

+ Temperate Rainforest of SW. BC Redwood Forests of N. California/ S. Oregon (near The Camp?), time period uncertain (later revealed to be pre-Bowman arrival to the Camp)

* Vincent with gear and weapon runs, two flying drones wizz in headed towards where he was coming from
* turning into a mine entrance, encounters a morose armed MacGregor
Vincent: "What happened?"
MG: "Everyone's dead."
* flying drone response was much faster than anticipated - immediately after Vincent set off a detonator - during a mission
* down the tunnel, Bugs Bunny approaches, dragging a badly damaged RAP chained to a metal door with him
* BB accuses MG of being a coward, MG claims his plan worked and is a success - loss of life be damned
* BB draws on MG, V calms him down, BB stalks away
MG: "Hey. You can't sit on the fence anymore. You have to make a choice. Go follow that guy and win a couple of battles. Or you can follow me. And win the war."

+ The Camp, time period uncertain at introduction (revealed to be immediately after V let Watie down)

* MG walks Vincent down to the creek below a noisy waterfall with pistol in hand, "This is good.", they stop and MG offers V a drink from his flask
V: "I just wanted to talk to the Click."
* MG reveals V was an "interrogator" and intimates that the Bowmans might not like that, at the same time hypomanic delusional paranoid conspiracy theorizes against the Bowmans
* V indulges MG, MG gets crazier, V might have been re-infected with conspiracy
MG: "You're going to prove your loyalty to me. By Breaking this family... [starts walking away] The Wife. Is the kind. To push back. Against authority. So, ah, you should start with her."
* MG heads off to 'have a chat with the children'

* MG and V return to a camp filled with people anticipating their return(?)
* MG gives a brief speach of encouragement "... Trust in the process." - with Vincent by his side

* Katie is tied to a chair in their Nissen
Katie: "Thought you might be dead."
V: "Not yet."
Katie: "He forgave you?"
V: "He never forgives. But we have, uh, history... How are you?"
* V has trust issues (especially with Will being law enforcement?), Katie speaks from her military compassionate earnest heart
* Katie lies about how they got out of LA Bloc
* V is incredulous and skeptical, Katie asks of her children, V tells her MG is 'questioning' them, Katie: "Is that what the resistance does now?"

* MG questions Charlie and Gracie on who Alan is, the Bowmans repeat their lines
* MG is good, the kids start digging themselves deeper into lies/ mis-truths, MG calls Charlie on his and flips the violence switch
Gracie: "Leave him alone!"
* MG turns his attention on Gracie, Gracie: "Santa Monica" (where Charlie came back from), cogs spin in eccentric orbits in MG's addled head

* Will is tied to a chair in the schoolroom, Vincent interrogates him
* MG pretends to read a random book a ways behind Will, joins the fun dropping Charlie's non-presence
* Will reads MG's voice stress on Los Angeles: "Except for Charlie. He was in Santa Monica."
* Will continues to mainly tell the truth because the answers don't matter
* V and MG are skeptical but warming, are interrupted by a guard "But it's important."
* "Important" = blast caps disappeared, as did Bram, V: "Interrogation is an iterative process. And we're making headway."
* V is an expert interrogator (including reading MG screwing up LA/Santa Monica for Will to sense), selling that hard to MG, MG: "We'll try it your way. But I'm running out of Patience."

* returning to Katie, collapses her "Will was a mechanic"/Occupation Law Enforcement lie, and others
MG: "Why would you need to lie?"
* Katie makes a huge gambit
MG: "Why would a Genuine member of the resistance not feel safe among the Resistance?"
Katie: "Because he [head pointing at V] told us that this camp was 'political.' You don't know what it's like to live in the Blocs. Always under the nose of the Occupation..."
* MG escalates towards violence, Katie starting to break, audible commotion outside interrupts and MG breaks off to investigate

* Bram has been captured and being frogmarched back
* MG brings Bram to Will, starts doing a Russian Roulette thing with a revolver, Bram is truthful and defiant
* 1 click, Will freaks and promises 'valuable info' and the detonators for safe passage out, Bram objects, MG breaks a bunch of his teeth
MG: "What? You think we're going to stop with this? Once we're done with your son we're going to start with your little girl."

Will: "The man traveling with us. His real name is Alan Snyder."

* Alan is tied to a chair in a workroom in a workshop, MG and V walk into the room
Alan: "Which one of them gave me up? Katie?
MG: "The husband."

* Alan play his game but seeming to knows he's lost, still gives it his all
Alan: "Then what would those crimes be?"
MG: "Genocide.., Treachery.."
Alan: "That's not very specific."
MG: "You ran Los Angeles Bloc."
Alan: "Yes. That's where I've saved countless lives. You'll note that! when I was removed from power every man, woman, and child was shipped off to the Factory."

* MG is skeptical, Alan doubles down dropping RAP/ biologicals war
Alan: "... ... Because of the other Humans. The occupation heirarchy is a snakepit. Make one mistake and you're dead!
So I figured I could get out while I could. ... I'm not a brave man. But I am a smart man. And... if you were smart you'd bunker down and try to survive the coming war. ... The war between our hosts and something much much worse. ... It's not nonsense, we mean nothing to either side but we're still in the line of fire. ... Stay alive? Which is why you need to give back that Host."

MG: "I'll do what I want with my Click."
* something happened sometime in the past in Dallas involving destruction of two Hosts/ RAPs with EMPs, reinforcement that the RAPs are familiar with orbital bombardment weapons and have no compunctions on using them
Alan: ". ... Nobody will be inspired. They'll just be dead."

* MG leaves, MG learned nothing from Alan and tries infecting V with the current version of crazy, wants to destroy the RAP instead of sending it to Seattle with bombs
* V is charged with destroying the Click/ RAP, briefly alone V warns the RAP, the RAP exits standby mode
V: "What happened in Dallas?"
RAP: glows
V: inner panic

* V enters MG's Nissen "We shouldn't have killed him. Bugs was a good man. And I shot him in the back. Like a coward. Aren't you worried we're eating ourselves? First Bugs, now the Bowman family?"
* MG preaches purity and crazy
V: You know why I followed you and not Bugs? Because you never second guess yourself."
MG: That's the price of leadership."
* MG's a-ok with war crimes and other dishonourables, MG demands absolute unthinking loyalty, V returns a heartfelt-ey snappy salute

* Vincent asks Alan some very smart questions, Alan answers as well as he can
* Alan reveals there are only 'several hundred' RAP brain balls ("cores")
V: "Are you a good man?"
Alan: "No."
V: "Then why should I listen to you?"
Alan: "Because I'm a pragmatist."
V: "Sometimes pragmatists do terrible things."
Alan: "So do good men. But that's not the point. In this case, my pragmatism and your morality are on the same side."
* V is sold, Alan suggests enlisting Occupation forces "You call a certain radio frequency and say a code word. ... (on being triangulated) Not if you keep the transmission under six seconds."
Alan: "Wait for a response, they'll call you back on the same frequency, and they offer terms. If the terms are respectable, you respond."
V: "What kind of terms?"
Alan: "Depends what you want. Maybe you ask for amnesty for everyone in this camp, maybe you demand a spectacular chalet in the Swiss alps. It's up to you."
* V is surprisingly quickly sold
* Alan: I've been in your position where it feels like there are no good options. But, sometimes, you just have the man who stands in front of the train."

* V and a couple of his crew take over the radio room, V sends a contact code - written down by Alan - to the Opposition, spoken word "Rowan Oak" 2 seconds, total transmission time 5 seconds,
* gunshots, MG and his crew rush in
MG: "What did you do?"
V: "I remembered who I was."
* MG puts a pistol round in V's forehead, leaves in disgust

* MG confronts still tied up Katie insisting that she's a double agent, is pissed, sentences her and Will to death - Bram also, with Charlie and Gracie to be exiled when old enough to have a chance of survival on their own

* Alan is unfettered but guarded in the workshop, is merrily writing with a pencil that he deliberately breaks for a chance to ask for another
* receiving the replacement Alan removes the reddish erasers from both to use as earplugs

* Katie, Will, and Bram are dragged to the firing range and lined up
* a RAP sonic weapon activates, everyone is incapacitated, Greyhats descend on the camp

* Charlie and Gracie are locked up in a Nissen, hears gunshots begin erupting outside
* an armed resistance fighter opens the door, leads the kids to safety out the back, perishes
* Charlie leads Gracie towards relative safety
* Katie and Will free each other's and Brams restraints
* MG has a good showing defending the camp
* the Nissen with Charlie and Gracie is empty, Will picks up perished resistance fighter's gun, Bowmans go looking for Charcie in the woods while under gunfire
* Charcie are hiding in a storage pen, Charlie obtains a hand grenade from a fallen fighter
* Charlie sends Gracie running towards the woods, throws grenade at soldier about to gun her down, runs after Gracie
* Will picks off Greyhats in the woods, spies Gracie and calls to her while laying down covering fire
* Katie fireman carries Gracie to cover, Will spies Charlie and calls to him while laying down covering fire

* gunshot, mist of blood blossoming from Charlie, Charlie falls - dead

* Will is about to go berserk but Greyhat suppressive fire forces him to retreat
* Katie is about to go berserk, Will tackles her and hauls her away
Bram: "Gracie's hurt! We have to go! We have to go! We have to go!"
Will: "NOW!"

+ The Camp, aftermath

* Greyhats milling around, RAP is recovered, Alan's standing around
* Greyhat lieutenant Scott Garland arrives, is impressed
Garland: "You know, I've never met a man who could have anything he wants before."
Alan: "Trust me, I've never been that man."
Garland: "So where you gonna go?"
Alan: "To the center of the action!"
Garland: "Switzerland?!"
Alan: "I've always wanted to see the Alps. Maybe reconnect with some old friends."
Garland: "I didn't think you'd actually get it done. You surprise me."
Alan: "I get that a lot."

* Garland asks Alan to ID the leader, Alan points out a dead MG
* Alan asks about the Greyhat's success, whether there are survivors, and if the Greyhats are going to chase them
Garland: "We got what we needed. Let them starve out there."

* Alan recognizes Charlie's hand, lifts away the tarp covering his body, re-covers it "L. Lets go."

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So sorry for the so very long recap. But.

The writers did some incredible dialogue for Alan Snyder, and Peter Jacobson done them justice++. Was tempted to just transcribe all of Alan's lines but managed to refrain.

This is probably, imo, the Best Alan episode. I feel maybe he can never be a sympathetic character again, but is definitely a character that I can't not respect.

(Just about) Everything out of Jacobson's (Alan) mouth this episode deserves to be quoted. The delivery was consistently sublime.

Everything out of MG's - screw that noise and forget it.

Also a very talky episode but despite refraining from the plot/character arc shuffle (as in, deck of cards shuffling) it wasn't very good at establishing temporality.

Charlie. Dead. Ehh. The show needed a Bowman to perish. Charlie was the most interesting but also most boringly/ annoyingly/ ignore-edly written and perhaps acted. If I had to choose a Bowman to get rid of, it'd have been him.
posted by porpoise at 8:00 PM on June 1, 2018 [1 favorite]

The interrogation scenes were great; I loved the scene where Katie casually mentions Vincent badmouthing Macgregor and the look on Vincent’s face. I wish they had stretched it out more. I could see this as a two part episode, where Katie and Will play off of MacGregor’s insecurities and lack of foresight to gradually destabilize the interrogation and Alan slowly organizes the killing stroke.

I don't like the way they killed off Charlie. Reading porpoise's post I agree that things were getting crowded, but killing off C like that was a mistake. I was surprised when they killed him, because after he used Gracie as bait I thought they were setting him up for a humanizing arc, where he loses some of the edge he got when he was enslaved. Now it feels like a lot never got resolved, and they just burnt off a really promising character. Earlier in the episode I was actually thinking that Bram should be the one to go. I think the relationship between B and his parents is one of the weaker parts of the show, where he does something reckless and one or both of his parents wring their hands about it.

I think a more interesting turn could have been to do a redo of his time with Alan in the camps, but this time in Switzerland with the Global Authority. Alan mentors him in realpolitik and Bram does dirty jobs for him while we learn about the RAPs and the GA. Bram ends up having to work with the people who sold out the human race, and develops a degree of empathy for them. That way, he gets to develop into sort of a William Wallace character, and Charlie and Gracie get to move into the spotlight on the Bowman homestead.
posted by Query at 8:40 AM on June 2, 2018 [1 favorite]

just burnt off a really promising character

I don't disagree - there was a ton of potential with Charlie's mis-/mal-adjustment and PTSD but the show never really sunk its teeth into that. Narrative wise, a Bowman had to go to show that they aren't all magically immortal through plot armour.

Alan mentors him in realpolitik and Bram does dirty jobs

Yeah, that'd have been great. Whether Bram adjusts to "the new reality" or if he sticks to his human loyalties would have been interesting.

I'm afraid now that we might not see the Alan Synder character again/ very much. But what an episode for the character - I went back to "Alan's" interrogation to catch how he turned Vincent. Superb writing, and Jacobson pulled off that role magnificently.

I don't know what's going on with Scott Garland - who was the Fed who originally brought in MacGregor and who is now a Greyhat lieutenant. That they used the same actor, I was expecting Garland to recognize MacGregor or something.

His "I've never met a man who could have anything he wants before." brought a chill down my spine re: Vos the Black Jacket saying to Alan "(You'll) never want for anything again."

Like, the dead have no wants.
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Anyone else hear Alan's codephrase as "Roanoke"? I'm convinced it's supposed to reference the famous disappearing colony.
posted by entity447b at 4:53 AM on June 6, 2018 [1 favorite]

That may very well be!

Interesting reference, I was unaware of such an event.

I had to go over what he said a few times to try to figure out what he said, bad lip reading on my part.
posted by porpoise at 7:34 AM on June 6, 2018

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