The Department of Time: Tiempo de valientes (Time of the Brave) -- Part 1   First Watch 
June 4, 2018 9:03 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

While hiding out in the Philippines in the 19th century, Julián makes a promise to a dying soldier that gets him into a dangerous situation.
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I've posted these two parts as separate episodes, in case anyone would like to discuss one without the other. Part II can be found here.
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Ha, and there I was yesterday, holding myself back from watching Part 2 in case I'd accidentally refer to it in the Monday thread. Back to Netflix I go, I'm in too much suspense to come up with anything insightful about this part.

(Ok, just to say that I love Alonso's leather jacket, and am intrigued by the introduction of his wife's doppleganger. And I was a little confused by the Door 13 that Pacino & Amelia were checking -- was that in the Ministry? Like, they found a new door in the 2017 Ministry that lead to...whenever in the Ministry that Julian & the team were going to that festival? Or was the door found outside the Ministry somewhere and led them back to that point in time in the Ministry?)
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