Colony: The Emerald City
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The Bowmans try to find needed civilization for Gracie, Alan enjoyes being fêted - but not being needed to get goals accomplished.

+ (Institute for Global Advancement?)

* an interviewee is hooked up to a high tech multipolygraph, being interviewed by (Institute for Global Advancement administrator)
* zooming through a one way mirror we meet (Everett Kynes) and (Roy Morrow)
* interviewee is obviously nervous giving an ethically 'correct' answer, polygraph indicates he was honest
* after the interviewee - a Bloc governor (wannabe?) - leaves, Kynes complains that his algorithms are being used incorrectly
* Administrator; 'we bought your software, you don't get a say if we use it for evil'
* Kynes advocates Morrow to 'download the entire database,' Morrow is enthusiastic

+ "... a spectacular chalet in the Swiss alps. It's up to you."

* Alan luxuriates in a shower and fluffy robe, nerves finally winding down, elects to remove his beard
* is ever more impressed with his butler Julian, "You cook, too?"
* the chalet also comes with a very nice sports coupe, Alan has a small happy revving the engine
* Helena pays a visit, "Are you happy with your accomodations?"
Alan: "A significant understatement. I have a Julian."
* Helena wants Alan back in the saddle, Alan's more than content just chilling

* at a cocktail party at the Chancelor's estate next door, Helena brings Alan a glass of champaign
* Helena introduces Alan, talks him up big time, everyone wants to be his friend, Alan repeats that he is more than content
* (Celine Arnaud?) introduces herself, tries to recruit Alan for contract work, Alan is taken aback and noncomittal
* Helena tries a soft touch to get Alan back into play, Alan's fine with the way things are

* at home, Alan (pretends?) to real 'Cooperman's Guide to Western History: The British Empire'
* Helena makes another visit
Alan: "But you didn't just invite me there to show me a good time."
Helena: "Well you've earned a good time."
Alan: "Huh huh. ... And...?"
Helena: "The situation may be a little more dire than I let on."
1. there is a 'labour shortage'
2. RAPs thought they had years/decades before the enemy caught up - now just months away
3. game plan is to rendition problem Colonies (into slave labour?), reboot empty Colonies with randos - the "Seattle Protocol"
* Helena wants something from Alan, Alan is frustratingly coy
* Helena needs to order rendition orders to Santa Monica and San Fernando, Proxies Lee and Fleming respectively are intransigent, politics, Helena has developed a reputation for being "unilateral"
* Helena's reveals
- it was Kyne's algorithms that chose everyone recruited to Local and Global Authority
* Helena tries to flatter Alan, reveals the algorithm projected him to peak as a mere Block governor, appeals to his sense of ambition

* at a lounge (with a respectable library) Alan approaches Elan who he previously met at the cocktail party
* Elan is a VGA (?) Liason to the Transitional Authority in Region 7 (North Africa)
* the conventionally beautiful Elan repeatedly invites Alan to talk about his adventure

* Alan wakes in the middle of the night from a panic dream, next to a sleeping Elan
* gets up, calls Julian on the intercom, asks for an (EYES ONLY) 'IGA Incident Report'
IGA Rapid Response Unit - Section 8

... minimal casualty to IGA personnel, ... recovery of damaged Host unit.
... in which former Proxy Governor (LA Bloc, LA Clon... Synder was embedded in a known terrorist cell...
* Alan calls up Helena, insists to wake her up

* Alan, wine glass in hand: "Proxies! Welcome to Davos!", joins Lee and Fleming at a fancy restaurant table
Fleming: "Alan, so glad to see you alive and well."
Alan: "C'mon Tony. You're a better liar than that. Cheers!"
Lee: "Congratulations on your success on that Resistance camp."
Alan: "We live in the times of unlikely heros. Speaking of which, I have brought the both of YOU an opportunity to cover yourSELVES in glory. ... Give the Chief Minister the votes she needs, and surrender your Blocs for Total Rendition."
Fleming: "I see the IGA's hero is still carrying Helena's water."

* Alan plays politics, reiterates to audience that Renditioned Colonies are repopulated by randos
* Colonies with RAP infrastructure will be protected - but also targeted, Proxies Lee and Fleming are highly resistant
Alan: "I feel compelled to admit, I haven't been completely truthful with you. <signals waiter> You see, this meeting wasn't a negotiation. It was a professional courtesy. <to waiter> Can you invite my friends to join us?"
* a squad of Greyhats show up, Alan makes a loud public accusation of Lee & Fleming, playing on his double-agent reputation
Fleming: "This is Bullshit. This is a set up!"
Alan: "Unfortunately, TREASON is a hard stink to get rid of. <looking around> Especially here."
* Alan enjoys the rest of his wine and his meal alone

* Helena is not thrilled at Alan's tactics, Alan pulls a "I'm higher up than you are now, and you put me there. Deal."
* Alan (with a raft of new experiences now fully shared in truthfulness) may be even more ambitious than even Helena could have projected for him

+ Single Lane Highway in the Mountains

* the exhausted Bowmans try to flag down a passing car, car ignores them
* Bram suggests following a sign to a nearby town, a grieving Will concedes
* in an abandoned house, Will changes a grieving Gracie's wound
* Will tries futily starting an abandoned car, it's been long enough that the gasoline has gone off (>90-100 days)
* Will puts on an optimistic facade and tells Gracie about diesel
* Katie loots the house, finds a pistol among other supplies
* Bram finds "Gone to Seattle" painted on the side of a house
Will: "There'll be cabins in the Olympic Mountains... Just like Big Bear."

* continuing to follow highways, Bowmans encounter repurposed billboards
SALVATION AWAITS in the Seattle Colony


* Gracie's wound is inflammed and painful, likely badly infected
* Bram finds some New Seattle flyers
Will: "Occupation has always had a good advertising department."
Bram: "What's the real plan then, dad?"
WILL ANGRY: "No Colonies!"
* Will takes first watch, plays with his found gun and cycles ammo
* a land drone wakes up Will, alerts his family and futily scramble away only to be blocked by another
* the drones act odd, emit occassional shouts, starts herding the huddled Bowmans away from their impromptu camp and supplies

* during an overcast day, roadside, Will changes Gracies bandage again
* Gracie is obviously suffering from septicemia and is in terrible condition
* Bram and Katie advocate going to New Seattle for antibiotics
Will: "If we walk in there, that's it for you and me. They'll ID us and arrest us."
Katie: "I don't care. I don't care."
* Will looks to Bram as an adult, "You have to be ok with this too. ... You can't go into this on hope."

* hiking down a minor highway in the night, Will carrying Gracie, a car slows and stops carrying a family of four
* Will is scarily unkempt approaches civily, Jim replies civily but apprehensively
Jim: "You can see, we don't have room."
* Jim is decent, but soft peddles 'coming back,' eventually offers to take just Gracie, Will's eyes light up
* Will gets dark, draws, fires in the air, carjacks Jim's family
Jim's Wife: "Told you not to stop."
Will: "I'm sorry."

* the carjacked car (VW diesel wagon, rear VW badge removed, with Oregon plates TMB 592) runs out of fuel shy of New Seattle, Gracie is barely conscious
* (mostly) intact skyscrapers beyond a wall in the distance
* underneath Granville Street Bridge a bridge (connecting through a hole in a RAP Wall), a flea market queue to enter the Colony
* Bram approaches someone in-charge-looking, asks for medical assistance, receives it from a team called in by radio
* in-charge-looking person fast tracks(?) the Bowmans into processing
* icpl is Iris [Holly Elissa] announces that they are the Bowman's 'advocate'
* Will lies about their identies and origins
James - Will
Laura - Katie
Sean - Bram
"and lets not forget Grace. And where are the Daltons from?"
* Iris seams genuine, leaves, Will starts losing it, Katie notices immediately suggest that Bram have some alone time scrounging food/ info
* Katie and Will grieve without fully grieving

* Bram returns with supplies and scouting report
Bram: "They have computers and cameras and everything. This place is wired. They could easily find out who we are."
Will: "There's a good chance they already know."
Katie: "If they come for us, you have to look after your sister."
Bram: "I don't want to."
* Katie emotionally blackmails Bram, Bram sucks it up, Will approves

* Iris reports that Gracie is stable and improving, elder Bowmans show relief, Iris wants "Mr. "Dalton"" for "an interivew."
* Will embraces Katie, complies
* walking down makeshift corridors,

* Will is given an assessment test, Iris seems like a goodie, Will is conflicted whether to tell the truth or stick with the lucky unknowing nonpolitcal survivor schtick
* Iris administers the Kynes/ Morrow test on Will
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And the display for the test device shows Will's real name...
posted by entity447b at 3:52 AM on June 8, 2018 [3 favorites]

Thank you for another detailed recap, porpoise!

I'll admit I wasn't that into the Bowman family struggle this week. Bram being naive just made me regret which kid got iced last week - he should know better than to trust the Occupation by now. I mean, he was in a labor camp, etc.

The stuff with Kynes was great though: I want to know more about the algorithm, since it's clearly the only reason Will and Broussard are still alive right now, and knowing more about it might shed some light on the people packed up for cold storage by the RAPs.

I also enjoyed Snyder's thread here. He's playing the game a lot faster and looser right now, and I can't see that as a sustainable strategy - taking down two bloc heads in front of everybody had to have earned him some enemies, possibly even including Helena. (I also like the added perspective we're getting on that end, since they have some direct contact with the RAPs and a more big-picture view of how screwed everything is.)

So... hm. Yeah. Fun stuff.
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Missing from the 'After Action Report' in the recap due to formatting error, but the real reason Alan asks for the report:

- counterfeit IGA crates were detected
- Bowman, Charlie is identified
- Cause/Manner: single gunshot wound / accidental discharge (ed: 'a.d.' being common entry)

Also missing from the recap is the contrast between Alan and the Bowman's current status.

Kynes/ Morrow - was super confusing, but yeah I was wondering if the writers had this in their back pocket from the get-go re: why certain people were recruited for leadership positions.

(and who/ how chose the resistance people on the 'protected' list, and what does Kynes/ Morrow want with the full database - shouldn't they have that already, or were they working on it remotely, or...)

I wonder if we'll get a glimpse of Helena's background?

Yes, pods. Was there ever something there or was it writing that got ditched as detritus?

Was worried Alan might leave the picture, appreciating that we get a chance to see stuff from 40,000 feet, and hopefully getting more background on the RAPs/ enemy.

Perhaps Alan's head got too big too fast on him, but right now he's moving fast, breaking stuff, creating chaos - but he's in a position to (eventually) smooth things over and consolidate a power base.
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Alan is a great villain because we regularly feel sorry for him. Humanizing villains is always better IMO, makes them harder to root against.

This show just gets better and better; S3 is giving me everything I wanted without realizing it. I can't wait for Broussard to show up and see what happens next!
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Speaking of humanizing, Helena's (Ally Walker) body language was sublime.

I'm only familiar with her here and from 'Sons of Anarchy' (and to a lesser extent 'Ghosted' but even she couldn't keep me watching that) and she excels at the "hard bitch" role - now, when she's visiting Alan, she has a lot of subtle "I'm vulnerable" tells even while trying to maintain the "hard bitch" outward persona.
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