Saturday Night Live: Summer 2018 Off-season Catch-all
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e.g., I had no idea Pete Davidson is now engaged to Ariana Grande. Thus, as evidenced by this People Magazine profile, Pete's Q-rating is rising steadily. Meanwhile, Leslie Jones is tweeting her first reactions watching RuPaul's Drag Race—all thirteen seasons—for the first time.
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Ugh, I hope the Pete and Ariana thing goes ok. I wish them well. I really like Pete and hope he fares well fighting his demons. From that People Magazine article: "The current status of Davidson’s sobriety is unclear; some of his recent Instagram photos have featured alcohol and cigarettes."

In happier news, Aidy Bryant visited a cheese factory for her honeymoon.
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Did Pete say he was getting completely sober or that he was just giving up weed?

Although booze and psych meds DO NOT mix.
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He had been entirely sober, but now he's not.
Just over a year after announcing his sobriety, Davidson revealed he’s back to drinking and smoking following his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

“Party’s back on,” he recently said during an interview with Peter Rosenberg on Open Late. “I found out I had a mental disorder. I thought I had a drug problem. It’s a completely different thing.”
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Dear Pete and Ariana:
You both seem nice enough, but a quickie elopement is not gonna be your friend. Wait a year to have known each other before you go through with it, mmkay?

That said, I bet within a week they elope and within a year they divorce. Hope someone got a prenup.

Also, how much money do you make on SNL to afford that engagement ring?!
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> Also, how much money do you make on SNL to afford that engagement ring?!

According to Parade, in a 2017 article, upwards of $24K per episode. I'm guessing Pete isn't at the highest pay grade, but still that ain't chump change. Especially for kids who grow up relatively poor, and get their hands on a lot of money when they still have lots of hormones coursing through their veins, economic decisions are not always made with the future in mind. Buying an expensive-ass ring for a pretty also-celeb also-rich popstar with whom you're mutually smitten, seems like THE BEST IDEA EVER!! And, especially when you're sorting out mental health issues, too—I have heard many and more alarming stories than what Pete's reporting, and this seems like Young Rich Hormonal Neurologically-Atypical Kids In Luuuurrrrv. I'm not worried, looking at this from my very-limited-viewpoint comfy armchair.

I think the same thing: good luck kids, mazel tov, I hope you have found your true companion; but yeah I'd wait a little bit, you have all the time in the world even if it doesn't seem that way.

And I won't be the one to start the office pool as to how long their marriage lasts. That said, I'm juuust cynical enough that I'd place a bet if someone passed the signup sheet to me.
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This Pete and Ariana thing will not end well. And I'm really sad to hear he's using again. I'm a recovering alcoholic who also has mental illness. Addiction and mental illness are SO not mutually exclusive. Anyway, given my personal history, plus the fact that I have an immediate family member with BPD, I'd been kinda side-eyeing him toward the end of the season. This is one of those time where I hate being right.

Any predictions on cast departures? Is poor ol' self-deprecating Luke Null going to get Brooks Wheelaned? Will Mikey and Alex get bumped up? Why was Beck crying?
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Quick skim of the news says Leslie Jones wants less political jokes on SNL next season, and that, a long time ago, she waited tables as a teenager, at a local restaurant for Mikey Day, a child at the time.

And that articles are starting to pop up, questioning the speed of Pete and Ariana's (Petriana's?) romance.

...and i wish to strike the verb "to get Brooks Wheelaned" from the lexicon kthxbai
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The whole "Featured Player" status feels so archaic. Mikey and Alex deserve main cast for sure. Ignoring any contractual nonsense, they should also promote Heidi and Chris Redd. Those two gelled with the cast immediately.

Melissa Villaseñor is talented but underused. In a previous era, doing a lot of celebrity impressions would be a good thing to get you in the topical opening sketch. These days she's out of luck unless Trump suddenly hires Owen Wilson as his chief of staff (so, not impossible?).

Poor Luke Null. Just don't bother firing him if all you're going to do is hire another young white improv actor.
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...and i wish to strike the verb "to get Brooks Wheelaned" from the lexicon kthxbai

It has been struck. I said that because I, too, am a member of the Brooks Wheelan fan club (and the tweet reminded me of the Family Feud skit).

Poor Luke Null. Just don't bother firing him if all you're going to do is hire another young white improv actor.

I don't disagree, but I remember when Alex and Mikey joined the show I was so angry that they added two more white guys (especially because Jay Pharaoh had just left) but I was wrong about those two specific white guys.
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It's not only the lack of diversity. It's also bringing on this inexperienced guy who doesn't seem to have any characters or impersonations (Wheelan, Rudnitsky, Tim Robinson) who then get fired after a year. Either give them time to learn or don't bother hiring them in the first place.
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Speaking of young white improv actors, Kenan Thompson did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter on whether he would leave the show. (No specific plans or dates released, don't worry!)

From the article: "I think about leaving and I fear it. This is such a special place, you want to do your part here, but you also want to make room for people that are coming behind you. This was the first year I really started feeling like, “OK, I could push out of it now.” Chris Redd is super-duper strong, and I really look forward to his potential on the show. That was the first time I thought, “Maybe I should give this dude more room.” If that’s the case, then it might be time to move on."

Obviously this is from a larger interview and maybe they cut some of the statement, but this seemed telling of how SNL sees people of color -- that there's a limited amount of roles that can be filled by a person of color, while there are infinite spots on the cast for young white men. Why would Kenan Thompson's presence on the cast mean that Chris Redd can't fully shine? Can you imagine saying that Kyle Mooney needed to leave to let Beck Bennett shine? Or that who needs Colin Jost, we have Pete Davidson? I love Kyle, Beck, Colin and Pete dearly, all as unique performers. The same should go for Kenan and Chris (and Michael Che, who I love in Weekend Update but would also love to see in more sketches).

Anyway, I think SNL is getting better at this, but they still have a long ways to go. I hope it keeps going in a good direction. (Hey Lorne, SNL has still never had an Asian-American woman cast member...)
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This came up in the politics megathread and I thought it might be of interest over here. We've had some of these discussions week to week about Che's politics. This is not a good look.

I'd normally hyperlink the title of the article: "Michael Che Wants You To Know He Feels Bad For Sarah Huckabee Sanders," but I'd hate for anyone to miss the actual URL.
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‘The Sketch That Always Plays Hot’: An oral history of Saturday Night Live’s Black Jeopardy

Good little article, with the incredibly fucking amazing fact that when Kenan went to shake Tom Hanks's hand and Tom flinched, it was an ad lib.
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Awwwww. He had potential! Unlike that shirker Milhiser. I hope they bring back Brooks Wheelan.
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I am unsurprised that Null was....null.
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Awww, poor Luke Null. Is he the only one who got cut?
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