Colony: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
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Will finds clues that may expose the Seattle's colony dangerous secret. Katie helps out with refugees. Bram takes over parenting Gracie.

+ Seattle Colony (during Rendition?)

* while the city is being overrun by flying drones, Everett Kynes noodles on a guitar in his highrise apartment
* a Deputy Proxy tries to contact him, then the Governor General
Kynes: "When the Chancelor calls, though, put her through though."
moments later
Secretary: "Sir, Chancelor (Camille) Rona on line one."
* Kynes bitterly enjoys being right that using his algorithms the "wrong way" led to the current mess
* after extracting an apology, offers an algorithm for rebuilding a stable Seattle Colony - but with caveats and full autonomy
* also demands a meeting with the Hosts/RAPs
* Rona: "If I give you Seattle, what are you going to do with it?", Kynes: "Something beautiful."

+ Seattle Colony (present day)

* Will is in a tasteful bar, declines another drink, Lilian Crane flirts with him, Will is a "James Dalton"
* Lilian lets James know that she's married - happily
* Will lets her know he's looking for a Terry Lennox from Spokane, Lilian is distressed, leaves
* Will presses about other acquaintences of Terry, Lilian: "As far as I know, they're all dead."
* upon leaving, Will's phone shows that he has automatically been charged $22
* in his car (a 'JYP C Cab'), Will leaves a message on Daisy Lennox's voicemail, a man enters the back seat "Are you James? Great. Head to Bellevue."

* in a quiet luxe suburban neighbourhood, Will pulls up his JYP C Cab and enters a home to see Bram breakfasting with Gracie
* Katie comes down the stairs, moms a little, heads off to work (at the Depot)
* Bram makes a point of reminding Gracie not to forget her phone

* the Depot is the 'Seattle Refugee Management Agency' bus depot, with many refugees and only a few lightly armed guards with bulky flak jackets pinnies and poofy white helmets - the Humvees are even painted white
* Katie is a coordinator of some kind, passes out info packets and bus assignments to refugees
* after a few, Katie: "Can you finish that up for me? Thank you."
* as Katie walks away is interrupted by a teenaged girl (Bethany Winslow), who brings her to her parents
* Katie introduces herself using her Dalton pseudo
* Winslows have been in queue for a long time (4 months) while others got admitted faster
Katie, in practiced tone: "The system can only accept so many entrants at a time and priority has to go to those most vulnerable and (those with) vital skills."
* the mother speaks of 'moving on,' the father reveals rumours of LA Bloc being repopulated
* Katie warns that the trip is dangerous, father states that many refugees are willing to all go together - tomorrow at first light

* Will's sleep is interrupted by his phone, it's Daisy Lennox
* at Lennox's, a frazzled Daisy with a couple of hyperactive young children asks about Terry
* no records of Terry being in the Colony, Daisy insists Terry entered four months ago
* "Dylan" has seen Terry - his father - inside the Colony
* Daisy supplied Will with names, Will has only been successful tracking down Lilian
* Daisy has a low opinion of the Cranes - especially Lilian - as being lucky snobs; Jonathan Crane was Terry's boss at Boeing
* Will: "A lot of people have disappeared from this Colony. There are cases, like your husband; engineers, doctors, soldiers being taken. ... Abducted."
Daisy: "Why?"
Will: "That's what I'm trying to find out."
* Terry knew how to service and restore classic pre-fuel injection cars
* Will promises to be in touch

* Bram as Sean Dalton works for 'Emerald City Direct' "Delivering your allocation to your location."
* makes a delivery with a coworker to one Ms. Rosetta consisting of three paper bags of mostly leafy produce (billing $67 on a pad)
* Rosetta's phone immediately registers the charge
* coworker suggests job-type/ responsibility is proportional to housing and vehicle allocation - the Bowmans/ Daltons must be rather well prized by the (a)uthority

* Will stakes out the Crane residence, approaches Jonathan Crane as he leaves his Tesla Model 3
* inquiring about Terry, Crane brings Will inside
Will: "Nice place. What do you do?"
Jon: "The Seattle Initiative."
Will: "Same kind of thing you were doing for Boeing?"
Jon: "That's classified."
* Will makes a statement about Terry, Jon seems to know too much
* Will's story is that Daisy Lennox hired Will (as a PI) to find Terry
* Jon didn't much like Terry, but Terry was an excellent engineer, Jon claims he couldn't care less about cars - vintage or not
* both families stuck outside the wall, group was decimated by 'walkers' (land drones), Jon assumed Lennox's were dead
* Will leaves

* Katie (Laura) - in her small office - is a little depressed and frustrated that her clients are stuck outside, sympathizes with the Winstons for losing their 5 yo
* office has posters including a "SEATTLE for the future EXCELLENT HOUSING"
* coworker (Michelle) gives her a pep talk, offers insider tip, "You know, for what it's worth, I've heard that their prioritizing skilled labourers on the current intake."
* Katie successfully re-invites the Winslows to an interview, uses the tip

* the Winslows are surprisingly quickly assigned Tier One status and imminently entering the Colony, Katie has an excite
* the Winslows are assigned and called to a bus, going to go to Sector D, Bethany gifts Katie a ribbon

* Bram walks Gracie home from school
Bram: "Aren't you a little young to be learning physics? I didn't get into that until highschool."
Gracie: "Things are different.", a couple of portly people in grey civil protection uniforms on patrol walks by, smiles and nods
* Bram asks where Gracie wants to go out to dinner, Watie are hosting "that neighbourhood thing," Gracie asks Bram if mom&dad are going to get a divorce, Bram bigger brothers a little

* Will crosses off his last lead, approaches a dilapidated warehouse/ workshop
* there are about a score+ of very nice vintage cars, Will meets a very competent 'Female Mechanic' (and POC)
* upon questioning, FM maybe identified Jon Crane as having been in in the past, about a '60s blue Corvette in amazing shape

* WIll pays an unannounced visit to Crane who happens to be working on his vintage car (mid '60s blue Corvette) in his garage
* Will accuses Crane of being Terry taking Crane's ID
* "Jon" (Terry) and Lilian had a thing pre-contact, realJon leaving the picture was convenient
* Terry ineffectually threatens Will with a ratchet wrench, Will dares Terry to (technically) assault him, Terry tries and gets a rabbit punch in the kidney for his efforts and a follow up light beat-down
* Will sees himself about to cave in Jon's skull in the shiney Corvette's finish, backs off, leaves
* Will runs into Lilian, "He got what he deserved.", continues leaving

* Will returns home - there is a pretty impressive amount of booze on the middle of the Bowman's kitchen island - twixer of... bourbon, gin (?), whiskey, a red wine, and (Finlandia) vodka (and a board with 4 big chunks of cheese from wheels just sitting out) - washes hands in the kitchen sink
* Katie's cleaned up and in a tasteful dress - gives a 30 minute warning for when people will start showing up, starts setting up the veg platter
* the neighbourhood shows up, Katie introduces Michelle
* Katie uses her wedding ring against liquor glass to draw attention to an anouncement
* welcomes new 'Community Patrol Captain'
* CPC makes a speak, Katie continues to do the ring thing, plays politician, introduces Will as 'her husband James'
* CPC wife tries to recruit Will, Will downplays his suitability for law enforcement
* camera shows a Will & Katie conflict, with Will taking the aloof position
* Michelle "runs into" Will at his lookout from his bedroom, feels flirty, Will is cold towards that approach
* Michelle's game is to get Will to be more "conforming" - for "Laura's sake"
* Will insinuates grievance over a "Roger Hericks"

* afterparty, the hard liquor is surprisingly extant - unless they replenished bottled during - Katie lectures Will on staying in cover and being a certain sort of 'social'
* Bowmans are apparently "an outdoor shoes ok inside" type family
* Will is skeptical of the setup, Katie apparently has rolled over on politics and only cares that her kids are doing allright/ better-than-those-other-kids
* Will calls her on it, Katie doubles down, asks about Will's activities
* Will isn't willing to share, leaves
* Bram hears all, probably lies to his mom Katie

* Will visits a reasonably built "secret installation," is greeted warmly especially after 'donating' a 3/4 bottle of crap whiskey.
* flirts with - and gets a short kiss from - a fellow (but cute and opposite sex) contraband distributor
* Bram's flirt invites him somewhere private

* Will gets caught by a civilian protection uniform for vagrancy - Will's phone showing he's been at the same location for the last 7+ hours
* Will pretends to be a drunk, officer walks away

* Katie is at work, looking from SRMA records; shuts down computer and thanks Michelle
* Katie expresses frustration over political seeming process, follows up on the Winslows - Michelle absolves her worries
* Katie visits the Winslows at their official temporary address with pretense plant only to find an empty apartment, and plenty more

* Bram does an employee evaluation with flying colours, looking for a more "impactful" job
* "volunteers" for a position where he can have his own house and be able to look after Gracie

* Will revisits Daisy and lies - claims that Terry died; heart attack shortly after being admitted to the Colony
* Will advocates that Daisy move on
* returning to car,
Seattle is an interesting city. Wanted to know what you make of the place.

Next week: We ought to see Alan Sneider again.

(Temporal order [mostly] retained in lieu of grouping arcs, as this is more of a reveal/ explain episode than a plot one.)
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Hmm. This was a fun one. Some thoughts:

* Little disappointed in Bram and Katie for getting comfortable.

On the one hand, I get it: this show is very much about exploring how people crack under fascism, and those two have both been through the wringer. It's tempting to fall for Seattle's hoax, and Bram's complacency is defensible.

Katie though? She knows that the RAPs were systematically emptying their old bloc for labor, and she has firsthand evidence that the RAP war is heating up. I'd expect her to have an exit strategy for when stuff in this place goes sideways, even as she takes advantage of the lull in danger. (Basically, I totally believe her throwing that party and taking it seriously, but I'd expect her to be cynical about their future.)

* The show is doling out details at a decent rate.

Back when this show first aired, I was worried they'd pull a Lost or BSG and just... have no plan. Here in S3, my fears are largely gone - we're learning enough about the RAPs and the invasion to keep me interested. I'm particularly curious to see more of Kyne, and find out how much of the Seattle situation was his idea.

* Happy to see Broussard back in contact.

My two favorite characters on this show are Broussard and Snyder, so it was fun to see him get in the cab.
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I got a little too drunk near the end and I think I borked up the recap.

Kynes is definitely an interesting character and feels believable - he wasn't objecting to his "algorithm" being used for evil so much as that it was being used "incorrectly."

He isn't not evil, just a different flavour ("No redhats" - my dudes are out-of-shape whitehats). I have a strong feeling that he's a (secret?) egomaniac who's kink is more social control than military-backed authoritarianism.

The ubiquity of phones - I wonder if its commentary/future-plot-device or just a sign of re-normalization?

Katie - I don't blame her for "falling for it" - she's helping people again, there's no overt enemy, she's been under an incredible amount of stress (losing a child, even) so this feels like her going through a controlled cascade failure mode.

Bram - I think the writers have been inconsistent using this character, using him more of a generic fill-in rather than someone with a defined character development arc (which the Charlie character had more potential for).

One thing I don't understand - is Will doing the PI thing freelance and his assigned job is as a cab driver? If so, I wonder what the passenger asking if he was James?

I did really like the twist with Terry Lennox. This is excellent TV; while still continuing to develop the story they managed to throw in a little mini-arc, kind of like a mini monster-of-the-week shows. You know, I probably wouldn't mind if Will investigated a case every episode while they are in Seattle, and one of them turns out to jumpstart the next major plot arc.
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I didn't enjoy where they went with characters in this episode. The reveal that there's something amiss in this colony felt awkward. At this point everyone involved knows that the authority is up to no good. So it's not as though finding out that people are disappearing is a huge shock.

I'm thinking that Bram is up something. They've kept him from divulging too many of his personal thoughts.

There's a moment when he smiles when his partner says that he's going to join up with the police and I was wondering if that was him reminiscing about working with the Red Hand killing collaborators and the incongruity with his current semipeaceful life.
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I got a little too drunk near the end and I think I borked up the recap.

Hehe. No big deal.

He isn't not evil, just a different flavour ("No redhats" - my dudes are out-of-shape whitehats). I have a strong feeling that he's a (secret?) egomaniac who's kink is more social control than military-backed authoritarianism.

Absolutely. I'm more wondering how much the RAPs are relying on humans for operational planning, because their level of engagement tells us more about the aliens themselves.

Katie - I don't blame her for "falling for it" - she's helping people again, there's no overt enemy, she's been under an incredible amount of stress (losing a child, even) so this feels like her going through a controlled cascade failure mode.

Mostly, it doesn't jibe with my own experience with... well, not fascism, (thank goodness, hope that holds), but losing almost everything. Will's reaction here feels about right to me, for comparison.

One thing I don't understand - is Will doing the PI thing freelance and his assigned job is as a cab driver?

Pretty sure. If he were legitimately assigned the job, he could've cited it with the cop who came up while he was sleeping.

Upon preview:
I'm thinking that Bram is up something.

Agreed. That seems to be the one constant with Bram: he's basically never *not* doing something he shouldn't be.
posted by mordax at 4:10 PM on June 15, 2018

Oh, also:
The reveal that there's something amiss in this colony felt awkward. At this point everyone involved knows that the authority is up to no good. So it's not as though finding out that people are disappearing is a huge shock.

This is fair. I chuckled when they pulled back on Katie in the empty apartment, and we saw *every* apartment was empty because she probably should've realized something was off sooner. (From the street, in the hall, etc.)
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Upon rewatching the last third...

At this point everyone involved knows that the authority is up to no good.

Having cheesy uniforms and "community patrol" is pretty gaslight-ey. After suffering for so long, I think most people are swayed by the false sense of normality/ only-covert-repression. From context, Seattle used to have standard redhat military authoritarianism - going to hippy dippy safe space style governance is a huge improvement from a day-to-day perspective, especially after being out in the cold for a while. Presumably, much of if not virtually all of the Seattle area resistance are dead - the vast majority of the people remaining are just soft civilians.

They played a little bit on the inequality riff (refugees with low "points" left outside waiting, others given really swanky housing) but didn't really go far enough - but that may change. I'm assuming that a lot of people are living in better superficial circumstances/ socioeconomic status than before Contact (ie., redistribution of property after massive destruction of population).

As for Bram's half smile, I really couldn't tell if he's reminiscing or if he's completely lulled in and thinking about an improved life with him taking care of Gracie and moving on from the past - especially given Gracie worried about K&W having marital stress and Bram hitting the age where he wants out from under his parent's thumbs (and have somewhere to bring sketchy girlfriends to). And him stating to the resource officer that he wants a place for him to take care of Gracie.

wondering how much the RAPs are relying on humans for operational planning

Interesting question. Operational planning in terms of the big picture, or operational planning on how to handle human masses?

I'm curious was how deeply complicit Kynes was from the very beginning. The sequence of calls from the Proxie, Lt. Gov., and then the (global) Chancellor suggests that RAPs pretty much leave the human "leadership" to govern and then just kill off troublesome colonies if the "leadership" screws up. That level of desperation from so high up suggests to me that the RAPs punishes that "leadership" - the Chancellor must have done some superb fast talking to be given the go-ahead to have a second chance with Seattle.

In my mind, the RAPs probably think of humans akin to how we think of slime mould - if a particular culture dish/ experiment doesn't give the desired results, you autoclave sterile the thing and throw it out.

re: Katie & Will

Yeah, thinking about some more, you're absolutely right that Katie's characterization is off - and upon rewatch Will calls her out on it, too. And that her behaviour is a major source of the marital stress on Will. Writers writing conflict for conflict's sake?

To be fair, she doesn't see evidence of the Winslows (and an entire empty lowmid-rent apartment complex before throwing the party in earnest and "our kids can go to schooool!").

Yeah, that's pretty incongruous on first pass - its obvious that the entire apartment complex was empty. But how many people know that's a location for putative "skilled labourer"-class housing or just another random empty dwelling? Which brings up the question - how much does Michelle know/ is complicit? (and if she was, did she flash the Winslow's putative address because underestimating Katie's observational skills and memory? Piecing things together, Katie was likely going through the SMRA records, gets a 'Contact Supervisor' message when she queries their current assigned address, gets suspicious, then asks Michelle)

A bit weird to me; the fire-escape-plan plaque on the inside of the door - I've only ever seen those in hotels, never in apartment buildings. Are there any hotels where every unit has at least a kitchenette? So, mid/low-rent joke aside, could there be an innocuous explanation for why the entire complex is empty?

* I totally missed this: as entity447b pointed out last episode the Kynes/ Morrow test identified Will as Will Bowman but the cop's phone identifies Will as (James) Dalton (and Katie introduces Will as James to the CPC and is known as Laura). We viewers are missing a big chunk between then and now.

And Broussard knows Will's pseudo is James Dalton now.

* Broussard - we might get a right proper Resistance in Seattle now and also someone to snap Katie out of her delusions of safety and a future.

* Another thing I missed - legit transfer of money is through mobile phones; Daisy Lennox offers to get Will's payment after he lies to her.

Now - what form does this illicit cash come in? Old school US greenbacks?
posted by porpoise at 7:48 PM on June 15, 2018

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