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Miwa sick, and nigh to death / And bowed with me every breath

The new upper speed limit of 28.997 meters per second in the Slow Zone has caused chaos inside the Ring, with the crew of every ship hurtled against bulkheads. Ashford and Drummer, pinned either side of a piece of Mormon farm equipment on the OPA Behemoth, have a trust and cooperation exercise. Naomi makes it back to the Rocinante to rescue her crew, just ahead of a relentless Claire Mao. The Behemoth spins up to .3G, providing a potential haven for injured crew, as other ships are unable to generate pseudo-gravity via thrust. However, the new speed limit also means that exit from the Ring will take at least seven months.

A rampaging Claire Mao is brought down by Anna. Holden recovers on the MCRN dropship, sharing his vision of the end of everything with Bobbi.

Quotes: "I will sacrifice my pride as a man to make something better for the future" "If this another of your teaching moment, I prefer to bleed out in silence."

Highlights: The lighting picking up the blue highlights in Naomi's hair. Each character on the Rocinante being introduced with their floating iconic objects (Amos's wrench, Alex's Tex-Mars music); the thrilling zero-G fight between Clarissa and Naomi; the T-1000 look Clairissa Mao gives when she is thrown up against the hull of the Rocinante.
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An aspect of the show that I am coming to respect as one of the things that they are doing well is their use of destiny - like, religious destiny - as a theme.

Holden's vision, as presented in the show, has thematic resonance with Joseph Smith's vision. Anna's traverse and nick-of-time intervention is classic silly action-suspense stuff, right? But she, as a character, literally gets to talk about the hand of God.

In the books, I never understood that the Nauvoo / Behemoth was a hint about this particular narrative theme.

I've gone on and on over in the DS9 threads about how unsuccessful I found that series' attempts to engage with and represent religion and visions and the supernatural. I felt much the same about the theme in BSG. GoT, both books and show, does engage with the theme in interesting ways, but they are scattershot and often appear and disappear from the narrative with little apparent justification.

Here, by backgrounding the theme, maybe by not having to invent an anodyne space religion, and by having a convenient SF narrative device to provide mystical experiences, the books and the show both get to explore the theme. I would say I think the show improves over the books in this.
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Great ep. I was particularly impressed at how they handled fire in zero g, and notice how Tilly's eyes gravity, the water just kinda hangs there. The attention to detail was great.

Sometimes I wonder if the show writers read the fan threads.
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As always, fascinating episode with a ton of stuff going on. A few notes:

I honestly thought Ashford would roll the wagon back onto himself, if only to finally have the last word on Drummer. I guess he was serious about Belters sticking together.

The fight in the cargo bay was interesting - I was thinking how Julie Mao had a powered exoskeleton and her own combat drugs, but didn't seem to have much practical experience, while Naomi probably has more combat experience and *definitely* has vastly more microgravity experience. Plus Naomi was just trying to get away (presumably to go get a gun), not inflict damage.

Another bit I enjoyed - Naomi about to stick her hand outside the airlock, pausing, thinking better of it, and then looking for something to toss out there to see what would happen.

I'm guessing that the Nauvoo/Behemoth isn't supplied for a generation trip anymore (one of the belter medtechs told Ashford that they were running short of medical supplies), but maybe the combined stocks of all the ships, plus whatever recycling equipment is on the Behemoth (established in season 1 as 100% efficient), will be enough for them all to crawl back to the surface of the wormhole.

So Ashford didn't tell anyone he has internal bleeding? He's not going to go down into the spinning zone himself?
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Did it seem to anyone else that Ashford faked the equipment malfunction that crushed the communication tablet in the robot arm?
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Hard to tell. I wondered that myself, but the way he jerked his hand away made it look genuine. I don't think he'd fake that injury, since he knows that Drummer can't see him, and at the time he had no reason to think she'd sacrifice herself to save him. Crushing the tablet might have killed them both.
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I rewatched that scene several times to try to figure out if he faked it or now. I'm still not 100% sure. I think it was meant to be a genuine fault, but I dunno.
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I personally think Ashford was on the level there due to Drummer's aforementioned inability to observe what he's up to.

As for the rest of the episode: man, that was awesome, start to finish.
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I think Ashford prefers to be captain, and from what we've seen at the end he eases into the role very quickly, but he's never shown that he would physically harm drummer. Belters might have their own political squabbles, but most, like Ashford, still look out for their own. I had expected him to take the opportunity to somehow knockout/kill Drummer, especially when he was maneuvering the arm. But he seemed genuine enough to not fake the arm malfunction.

That was such a good episode, and I'm impressed that Clarissa got as far as she did, and even more impressed with Anna for going after her like that. But then again, she wants justice for Tilly.
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I liked ashford and drummer being all business, felt like a cultural norm they were settling into - 'shit's fucked, what's the best way to fix it', but that they didn't have any great rapprochements.

I also loved Anna's rage: YOU WILL BEG FOR MERCY. She and the writers are doing such a great job with what could have been a terrible part, it really grounds the insanity of the story.

I agree that as a belter Naomi should have smoked Melba in anything zero g, but I think there's a convincingly conveyed handwave that she's spent a vast quantity of Mao-bucks on all the training and cybergear for this mission, so I'll allow it. *allows stern yet reasonable judge expression to cross face*

God damn, this show. Two hour finale next week, or rather in a subjective seven months.
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re episode before last, (Holden's vision), there is a quick cut to Melba and Tilly getting tossed into the ceiling which I had missed. Additionally in the rotating POV shot in which we are shown Holden's initial view on the portholes or whatever there are a total of 13, 12 with yellow-spectrum stars shown and one, central, with a coruscating nebula of blue points of light seemingly intended to function as a signal of protomolecular activity.
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i saw Ashford's attempt at the communication tablet to honest, and the malfunction for real, without malice. they were in some serious trouble.

i thought Ashford was convinced Drummer was going to roll back the harvester onto HIM, thus "working out" their differences, and was verging on panic with his questions. he was genuinely surprised she chose to sacrifice herself, instead; and likely why he took the high road and did what he could to save her, and praise her. Belter unity, over personal ambition. that may not last.

i just kept chanting, "do NOT kill off Drummer. DO NOT."

neither one of those two can carry a tune.

the tiny bodies floating above them in the vast space of the Behemoth were a great indicator of scale.

i have come to really love Anna, and Elizabeth Mitchell's portrayal of her.

i cannot stand Clarissa/Melba. i do think the actress is doing a very good job, and that zero-G fight was fantastic. i also know... um, i'm not reading the books but i know from fan chatter that her character is really a well-liked one. so cautiously approaching this so as not to spoil in any way... i know that there is more to the character than just daddy-issues and Holden rage. but damn, am i bored with that motivational line. like any fanatical character, it does not make a good villain - just gets dull (thinking of Dolores in Westworld, momentarily). can't wait 'til something more comes of the character.

i seriously wanna see Bobbie put those two obnoxious Marines in their place. seems like Martians tend to be hard-headed assholes. good that there is Alex to prove that is not always true.

i actually cried when Tilly died. a minor character! in a TV show! this show. THIS SHOW. gives my cold black heart the feelz.

and thank you, Bora Horza Gobuchul, for posting each week.
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Ashford bit his hand to fake internal ingury; it's visible in the bridge scene. He was not entirely out of Drummer's line of sight and she could see the blood.

He worked her. He tried every other alternative before going there, but he was also setting her up to make that final move from the moment he started singing. While also knowing full well he was rolling the dice. That's fundamentally who he is.
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oh, yeah that scale shot on the interior. I paused the playback and mentioned it to my wife, whereupon we got up and walked up to the screen to see the FX detail better, and I started talking about how the Nauvoo was intended as a generation ship, and how large it was and why it was hollow inside and so forth. She loved Star Wars growing up but was never a hard SF reader or anything, and even though we've by now watched our way through a solid 75% of motion-media English-language SF, serial and film, I am not sure she had ever really had the concept explained.

I think I must have gotten the gist over because after I finished talking about how the ship was designed to be spun I realized why the show had chosen to show us the interior just then. We looked at each other wide eyed and said "they're gonna spin it!" and unpaused the playback, which resumed just as Drummer uncoupled the power lead, and stood there, clutching each other, until the wideband broadcast.
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joeyh, I just rewatched that bridge scene. You can see scrapes on his hand but they aren't bite marks, and the reason you can see his hand is that he is holding his side where he has internal damage from being pinned.
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That we keep on debating Ashford's every move is another testament to the writing and acting, I think. He is a genuinely complex and interesting character that we're still figuring out.
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Btw, I know the lyrics of the theme song are available, but I would also love to see the lyrics for all the in-universe music.
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goddamn. the 0G tears and fire were poetic. the naomi/peaches fight was short but super well staged. (do we think peaches was high for that? my impression was that she was not, that the powered exoskeleton was doing the work.)

and holy hell, bobby can glower.
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i usually watch live on a 30" TV, then rewatch on my laptop screen. neither is optimal. considering that the show FX are dazzling even under those conditions, is amazing.

and... i am gonna get to watch the finale on a BIG screen! weeee! i am really, very excited :-)
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The control for the arm sparked when it went wrong, which I took as the producers making it obvious the arm had malfunctioned.

The only problem I had with this ep was Anna, a speech writing priest who'd never been in space before (?) single-handedly getting into a vac suit and following Melba across the space between ships.
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Yeah, that rescue was a bit much, even with the amazing suits that the Inners seem to have. I had been expecting Naomi to leverage a) her microgravity experience, which very nearly worked and then b) her technical skills by pulling one of those exposed power cables on Clarissa's exoskeleton. She had previously grabbed a cargo magnet and used it to slow Clarissa down, so I was hoping for some more of that. I always prefer stories where the damsel rescues her own damn self.

Anyway, it gets the Reverend onto the Roci, so I have chosen to view the Rev's vac suit as the actual miracle that she'd been hoping for, coming from within. Maybe they'll have a throwaway line sometime where she says "Good thing I paid attention during the evacuation drills on the trip out!" or something like that. :)
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Btw, how fast does a drum that size have to spin, to generate .2g (or whatever it is that all the Belters are familiar with). Is it more or less than 29 meters per second, or is that speed limit only apply to the overall ship?
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Spin the drum to save Drummer!
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On SpinCalc I get about 31 m/s or one rotation every two minutes. Seems really fast and that it would take a lot of fuel to spin that fast. That's using a 0.5km diameter.
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how fast does a drum that size have to spin

My maths/physics is a bit rusty but Wikipedia seems to have the formula to work out the spin speed needed for a specific gravity:

T = 2π √(R/a)

R = Radius from center of rotation (m)
a = "Artificial gravity" (m/s-2)
T = Rotating spacecraft period (s)

The Behemoth is "half a kilometer wide" according to the Expanse wiki, so R = 250m
The gravity they get in the show is 0.3g, so 9.81 * 0.3 = 2.94m/s-2.

T = 2π √(250/2.94)
Time for one revolution = 57.94s (i.e a hair under 1rpm)

Circumference of the ship = πd = π x 500 = 1570.80m
Speed of the outer edge = 1570.80/57.94 = 27.11m/s-1

Just less than the 29m/s-1 limit (unless I got my maths wrong).
On preview: this matches the SpinCalc answer for 0.3g.
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31 m/s or one rotation every two minutes

If the drum was spinning at 31m/s it would take 1570.80/31 = 50 seconds to rotate once.
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Certified no book spoilers:

i know that there is more to the character than just daddy-issues and Holden rage. but damn, am i bored with that motivational line

Well, think about where she is now. She's done, and she's been completely and utterly defeated. She's been knocked unconscious and is going to wake up chained firmly to very heavy things, and in the custody of and at the mercy of her worst enemies. And think about who has her.

Anna, who at this point is going to be worried mostly about her soul in the sense of her long-term psychological health, because that's what she does and who she is. The threat is over, so take care of this person who has so horribly broken herself.

Alex and Naomi, who aren't that guy, and who are actively ruthful.

Amos, who is that guy, but who also is the person least likely to take your attempt to murder him personally.

What is waking up with those people going to do to your head?
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But, notwithstanding any further refinement of the speed limit law, the forward speed of the ship needs to be added vectorially at right angles to the spin direction, and you’re quickly over the 30 m/s speed limit at anything over a few m/s.
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the forward speed of the ship

Do they still have forward speed? I thought all ships had slammed to a halt like the bullets? I thought the speed limit worked such that violating it stopped you dead rather than just slowing you down to the new max speed. That's why the lander pilot talked about the navy ships using skiffs to evacuate back through the ring, rather than just turning the capital ships around.
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the forward speed of the ship needs to be added vectorially at right angles to the spin direction

Don't tell the vastly powerful AI at the center of the Slow Zone what it has to do.
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The Behemoth is "half a kilometer wide" according to the Expanse wiki, so R = 250m

I know that's from the Wiki but it doesn't seem to match the model. The writers tweeted out this image to show the scale of the ships. If the Nauvoo is 2km from the spire to the engines the narrowest part of the drum is closer to .8km outside diameter.
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this show. so fucking good. I did not know the finale is 2 hours!!!!!! Drummer better live.
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He worked her. He tried every other alternative before going there, but he was also setting her up to make that final move from the moment he started singing.

I think he didn’t. I think he has feels about her leadership and this is exactly what he wants, to be in charge, but I believe that dealing with the dangers of space is a thing he as the ultimate Belter holds holy. I don’t think he would trick her there.
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I think he didn’t. I think he has feels about her leadership and this is exactly what he wants, to be in charge, but I believe that dealing with the dangers of space is a thing he as the ultimate Belter holds holy. I don’t think he would trick her there.

I agree with this. But it didn't stop him calling himself the captain and offering "my ship" on the radio message. After his genuine (I think) concern for Drummer, that surprised me.
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Once Drummer was incapacitated, he became the captain and the ship became his because he was second in command. I think he's planning on handing command back to Drummer, should she live, because she demonstrated the qualities of leadership he respects by sacrificing herself to save a crew member she doesn't even particularly like.
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I think he's planning on handing command back to Drummer

Really? Because I was not left with that impression at all. He might have felt that way immediately after she managed to get them rescued, but it seemed to me at the end of the episode, when he's standing on the bridge, giving orders, being called Captain by the crew, etc., he really thinks it is his ship, and he won't let go of it while he's breathing. I guess we'll see in the finale.
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The application of relative actor salary rule would seem to jibe with this, even knowing nothing about Strathairn v Gee in concrete numbers. It would also seem to telegraph an outcome.
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Just caught up with this episode, and rewound the singing scene because I recognized the tune as Captain Kidd (I've sung it in the pub before now). Not sure what lyrics Ashford was singing at the start of the scene (he was slurring a lot, and although there are lots of alternate verses to the song, I don't know one with the line "and all of them I burned"), but the words they both sang at the end of the scene were pretty close to unmodified.

I was sick and nigh to death,
And I vowed at every breath,
Oh to walk in wisdom's path,
As I sailed
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Thanks rhamphorhynchus, I hadn't been able to place those lyrics. And I wonder if the rest of that verse may have something to tell us about Ashford:

But my repentance lasted not,
My vows I soon forgot,
Oh damnation is my lot,
As I sailed.

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Detím da belɒt im ere da wɒl, sasa kemang to xalte wit?

“When The the blood is on the walls, do you know who you hold with?”.

It implies violence in the tunnels of a belter station, inside a ship, etc. When the killing starts, do you know which side you’re on?

“Gaunt Belter” mentions it to Miller in 1x1. “Miller” says “Blood’s on the walls, beratnas!” In 1x10 to rile up the CPM guards against the Earther Protogen soldiers.

But after the massive deceleration incident, there is blood on the walls for a different reason.

So when Ashford sends the widebeam announcing that the Behemoth has spin gravity & that all the wounded are welcome, he demonstrates several Belter sayings at once. The “blood on the walls” is an easy one. But also remember what Dawes said to the OPA conclave:
he more you share, the more your bowl will be full; This is the way of the Belt. Those who will not share are welwala. And if we are all *welwala*, everybody will die.”
Ashford is being a true Belter; because those who live in space know that you have to help your neighbor; Hospitality has to be a cultural trait,

Because survival. But also because beltalɒda na anyimal (“Belters are not animals”).posted by Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey at 11:02 AM on June 23, 2018 [20 favorites]

oh godammit. i just realized that S3 free streaming isn't included with amazon prime. i don't mind paying for it, but now i gotta figure out how to log out of the account at this housesitting gig and then back in with my own non-prime account to purchase the finale. or, to just gift these folks all of season 3, in their account!
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Unless you love these people, don't gift it to them. You'll want to be able to rewatch it later. As a series, it really rewards rewatching.
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i LOVE these people. amd they really need to be watching this show. i took the liberty of adding it to their watchlist XD
posted by lapolla at 11:19 PM on June 23, 2018

Is there any way to legally watch season 3 outside the US?
posted by Sebmojo at 9:03 PM on June 24, 2018

UK Netflix will have season 3 in the autumn apparently.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 3:52 AM on June 25, 2018

In Canada, season 3 is being carried by fhe Space Channel, and streams on the SpaceGo app.
posted by Mogur at 4:52 AM on June 25, 2018

*the Space Channel... (missed the edit window)
posted by Mogur at 5:52 AM on June 25, 2018

Season 3 is available on iTunes in Canada, not sure about other markets. Only a couple bucks an episode...
posted by sixswitch at 1:20 PM on June 25, 2018

man, I wish we had a Space Channel in the US which only shows space shows.
posted by numaner at 4:12 PM on June 25, 2018 [2 favorites]

posted by mwhybark at 5:53 PM on June 25, 2018 [4 favorites]

i meant fake space, obvs
posted by numaner at 10:56 PM on June 25, 2018 [5 favorites]

It's like they knew I wanted a whole episode with microgravity and felt obliged. Thanks, guys!

So good, so much fun. Really enjoying Elizabeth Mitchell's character, and I'm sort of waiting for Bobbie to space her fellow marines. Anyone know what her position in the fire team's chain of command is now that the louie is dead? I mean obviously, follow the Kumquat's orders, but she's the highest ranked soldier, yah?

And that there's reasonable discussion about Ashford and Drummer's predicament is nice - so far people don't (typically) run around with the idiot stick just for plot chaos, it all develops from what we've seen before.
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Drummer better pull through. Girl can't catch a break.
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(this is a repost of a deleted spoilerific comment because I figured out that the Firefox screenshot thing has an edit feature where you can black out stuff, so the episode descriptions with slight spoilers are gone and you can enjoy the joke, which now seemed like it was not worth the effort)

I'm waiting on the full eps to be available on their site but meanwhile enjoy this screenshot on their episodes page. They seemed to have mixed up the seasons and episode numbering or the next one, so now the page looks like:

Season 12: Episode 3

Season 3: Episode 13
posted by numaner at 10:46 PM on June 27, 2018

The next-episode finale includes many exterior shots of the Behemoth.

I have been ginning up a longish slide-conversion photography project on behalf of my aged parents and as such have been squinting along the barrels of macro-ring adapters and a host of lenses for weeks now.

I am certain to have some confusing and disturbing dreams tonight.
posted by mwhybark at 11:43 PM on June 27, 2018

Anyone wanting some ship-porn should check out Spacedock's Expanse videos. The older videos aren't canon but the last three videos are official show canon Full playlist, including non-canon videos
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These are delightful. I love that they are in-universe.
posted by mwhybark at 7:17 PM on July 1, 2018

Well I just watched all three seasons in a little over 8 days, had to take a break to savoir the finale and found the Fan Fare. Can't wait to do it live with y'all next year for season 4.

Anyways, reactions: I'm glad there was less Alex and Amos so we could focus on how amazing Drummer is. I know getting dozens of actors to adopt a consistent accent is hard and in-universe this is explained by different Belter outposts being isolated and developing their own vocal style, her Belta is the best and 1000 times better than the lilty accent of Ashford.

I started listening to the Churn at the beginning of the season and heard it strongly suggested Drummer might die but man or man I wasn't ready for it.

I'm choosing not to worry too much about the speed limit of objects within other objects, hence why the Behemoth can spin and why guns work inside the ship. I just assume the mysterious station in the middle only concerns itself with the outsides of this ships. When you think about it, there's probably a million things that move faster than 31 m/s at small scales (like small electric motors or reciprocating parts in machines within the ships. This also explains why bodies within the ships that had to slow down were injured when they crashed against the bulkhead of whatever room they were in as opposed to slowing down simultaneously with everything else.

I work in medicine but have no idea whether internal hemorrhage is truly that dangerous in micogravity, but that weirdly seems like BS (weird for this franchise at least). A cursory pubmed search reveals one article that suggest platelet function is worse but another article suggests thrombin time is shortened (meaning pro-coagulation). I guess it's just a show, I should really just relax.
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no no, get on that! we were all kerfluffled by the show's redefinition of the consequences and effects of hull integrity loss and they were 100% ready to defend the science. I think that your curiosity about low-g hemorrhage is a worthwhile thing to chase down!
posted by mwhybark at 11:59 PM on September 1, 2018 [1 favorite]

This Reddit thread includes some discussion between Daniel Abraham and the eponymous doctor about surgery, drainage, and healing in zero G: A Doctor Talks About the Biology of The Expanse
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Just started watching these episodes. I love it to death but I can't stand use of the word "deceleration". Unless things have changed in recent years, this is not a proper physics term. "Accelerate" has the same usage whether "speeding up" or "slowing down".
posted by Brocktoon at 11:07 AM on December 29, 2018

Physicists use the word decelerate all the time- there is even an antiproton decelerator at CERN. I think this is one of these cases where colloquial usage trumps proper usage.
posted by pombe at 5:48 PM on January 11, 2019 [1 favorite]

Drummer is my favourite character, her Belter accent is the best, and I will be quite annoyed if she dies.
posted by any portmanteau in a storm at 11:13 AM on October 1, 2020

"If this another of your teaching moment, I prefer to bleed out in silence."

Captain Black Eye Makeup knows how to bring it! If she dies I am going to go on a rampage. Not acceptable!

I do think that Old Pirate's accent and mannerisms are so, so good. The actor playing him is incredible.

I have to say I found the two of them singing together to be haunting. Two dying people, singing an ancient song about dying. It gave me goosebumps.
posted by medusa at 4:08 PM on December 27, 2020 [1 favorite]

For anyone curious, the song that Ashford and Drummer sing is called Sam Hall. it's an old Irish folk song about a criminal sentenced to death for thievery, looking back on his life without regret. I didn't catch the Belter lyrics, but the song was a great choice for that moment.
posted by peppermind at 6:04 AM on May 22, 2021

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