Interest in "Kiss Me First"?
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I just saw the first episode. of Netflix Original "Kiss Me First". It's based on a YA novel of the same name, but they added in some VR elements (makes for better TV I guess, but it's not the main point of the show). Great camera work, writing, and acting - watch the first two minutes and see how the director can say so much with just a simple camera pull - had me hooked for the whole ep. Any interest in an episode by episode or even just a "Full Series watch"?
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It's definitely on my list of things to watch once I get finished with Luke Cage and catch up on things I fell behind on during my vacation last week (just Cloak & Dagger, Drunk History, and Elementary, I think).

I see that it's 6 episodes, so, I think it's up to whoever feels like posting as to whether they think the show lends itself to individual episode threads versus just a full season, or which method they think they have time for.

(I went ahead and submitted it to the 'suggest a show' queue now.)
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Actually I take that back. No spoilers, but the show fell apart in later episodes to the point where my commentary would just be fault-finding - and I don't do that kind of thing.
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Maybe it was just my mood at the time but I stopped after about 10 minutes of the first episode. It felt too slow for a sci fi show, especially for a first episode. But it might a British thing. Although Doctor Who usually is like 10 times more manic. But from your cursory note of the first episode perhaps it's not sci fi so much as drama, so the slowness makes sense. However I'd have to be in the mood for that.
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I finished the first episode yesterday, but don't feel particularly compelled onward. Still might be worth having one full-season thread up, since it seems like Netflix has promoted the show enough that at least a handful of Mefites will have watched it.
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I wanted to like it. I like VR and I've hung out in networked VR games, so it was kinda neat seeing that sort of thing portrayed (sort of) in a show. I didn't even mind the slowness because I .. kinda like slow shows?

But I just got to the point in episode 4 where the guy in Tennessee is driving down the road and, no spoilers, but I knew exactly what was coming up and nope. Don't want to watch that. In these messed up times I want something that doesn't use that sort of thing as a plot element.
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