RuPaul's Drag Race: Grand Finale
July 2, 2018 10:55 PM - Season 10, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The winner of Rupaul's Drag Race season ten is crowned after winning the second ever lip sync for the crown.

And the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 is... (Gay Star News)

But before we get to that, the internet can vote for Miss Congeniality! That won't backfire! And it looks like The Vixen is in the lead by miles! (YouTube recap). But wait, what's this? Something went wrong, and now the season 10 queens vote!

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: The Grand Finale with Raja and Manila Luzon

Spoiler Alert! RuPaul's Drag Race S10 Ep14 Extra Lap Recap "Finale”

No butterflies were harmed in the making of this finale -- they were just sleepy.
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Apparently the reunion was filmed after the finale. Weird.
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Well, that was a redemption after last week (a RuDemption?). The snark was out, the love was in and it was nice to see a ten year retro. I also LOVED all the overt digs at the current administration. You got a platform? Best way to use it.

So. The outcome. Well I would never have predicted saying this but it felt like the right queen won, Acquaria sold it out of the park on all fronts. I sort of expected more from Eureka - but she was jittery and tense throughout, her 'I'm the big girl' shtick was weirdly bullish and the lipsyncs pretty meh beyond the multiple outfit reveal. Kameron was awesome in Nasty though. Don't know what Asia was thinking with that butterfly business - lots of fiddling to zero effect, and those poor tiny beasts! Tsk.

I sort of see why they'd ditch the public poll given that it's 'Miss Congeniality' and not 'Miss Popular Vote', but The Vixen at least got to look fantastic one more time, and I cannot deny Monet, she's just awesome.

However, moment of the night had to be Sasha's entrance! She slayed. A true Queen in the most regal sense.
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Final four queens react to the finale, including the moment they find out who the actual winner was.
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After Asia was eliminated I couldn't drum up a care really who won of the other three. The lip syncs were pretty bad all around. Aquaria, fine. Okay.

Ugh the obvious reveal outfits whyyyyyyyyy. I saw a couple of memes that summed this up perfectly that I totally cannot find now. One was this photo and was captioned "When you and your friends are trying to sneak food into the movie theatre". Which, YEAH. could we be a little more subtle, PLEASE.
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I can’t find the interview with Aquaria that I read where she basically said her obvious reveal was part of the performance, that she’d already been standing there for ten minutes making you go, WTF??? and that was the whole point. Which, okay, sure, but also you looked like Jiffy Pop, girl, just saying.

I’m glad she won, Jiffy Pop and all - which is really a turnaround from my beginning of the season stance when I thought she was an insufferable club kiddie. She’s a strong performer though, very clever, very hard-working. If Asia couldn’t take it, Aquaria is a good winner.

Everyone at the Dallas viewing party had been spoiled for the butterfly problem, so the tension was high as we waited for disaster to strike. Oh, Asia. The emcee of the show Asia works in was hosting the party and I think she summed it up perfectly when she told the room, had Asia just done her normal lip sync thing to “Nasty,” she could have won, because Janet Jackson stuff is right in her wheelhouse. All she had to do was come out and perform and kill it, and what would butterflies have had to do with either song anyway? Reveals are great but they should serve the song and make sense.

(still looking at you, Queen Jiffy Pop)

Kameron killed that lip sync (but did not kill any butterflies), and looked great. I thought it was kind of sad she felt she had to go on FB later and say she was happy not winning because social media would have made her life a nightmare. Fandom, why are you like this?

I felt Eureka’s “Gone With The Wind” inspired look was in, hmm. Questionable taste? Considering all the racial drama surrounding her this season, I didn’t think it was a good choice at all.

Also “Bang Bang” was a song choice I found bitterly upsetting as I’ve seen Asia lip sync to it in the drag show here, it’s often one of the show openers, and I wasn’t at all thrilled to see Eureka get the spotlight during the Nicki verse that I’ve seen Asia absolutely murder. HMPH. I was mad.
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Ugh the obvious reveal outfits whyyyyyyyyy.

I've heard Sasha Velour get credit for making the Big Reveal a thing now, after her rose petals (just think, we could have had wig destruction instead).
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I've heard Sasha Velour get credit for making the Big Reveal a thing now

If any queen deserves credit for making a reveal a Thing, it is Roxxxy Andrews, whose epic wig reveal clearly stunned and delighted the judging panel waaaaay back in Season 5.
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I've been "eh" all season as Eureka's ascent felt pushed down our throats by the producers, but I do agree that, once Asia was knocked out, the right queen won. (Part of me wonders if the producers were playing the long-game by praising Eureka, knowing that it would turn folks like me against her and eventually we'd root for Aquaria).

Honestly the moment Aquaria lit her flash-paper at the start of "Bang Bang" with that insane look in her eyes, she won it for me. It—along with the confetti cannons—was a stunt that related perfectly to the song. Also I can't stop thinking about the fact that her final lipsync outfit doesn't so much say "woman" as "superhero!" I loved it.
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I hated every moment of Aquaria this season until she came out in that very last outfit. When someone so attractive and creative also has a shitty attitude, it fills me with blinding rage. But I cannot hate a gender-fucked Street Fighter character. It is beyond my power.
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I rewatched the episode and whole body cringed during the Asia-Kameron lip sync. I will watch the finale lip syncs from season 9 on occasion because they were all so good but I don't think I'll ever go back to that one again. Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

But yeah, Aquaria was the clear winner of the three-way lip sync. I've reconciled myself to it now.
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