The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 12
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A Lunar Interlude. The Pine Guard and the residents of Amnesty Lodge take a well-earned break at a local winter recreation hotspot. Aubrey meets the Hornets. Duck reveals soupy secrets. Ned logs onto the InterNed.
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I don't think it's confirmation bias at this point. It seems like the quality of Justin and Griffin's work has increased markedly since downshifting to one full-time job each.
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I should say "consistency". It's not that they ever stopped being able to be funny, I think that they were just so bone tired that it became hard for them to do anything but just power through, rather than enjoy themselves. It's delightful to hear them having fun.
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The World Cup of Skiing is a legit thing.
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Anybody else notice that Duck’s skiing story was also Justin’s one and only skiing story. I thought it was cute how he gave a little shout out to Sydnee slumming it with him.
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Oh man, the editing with the background music swelling as Justin repeats the bartender’s story. So perfect.
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Was that the first time the beloved Nonni has been recorded?
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Also, huge Nonni fan here, she needs an NPC immediately, and was very impressed with Clint (!) making the pull that our feral basement boi was Thacker. Clint! Also also, bless Justin for getting into the spirit of the thing and trying to avoid just saying "I try to Read a Bad Situation."
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Austin Walker, GM of Friends at the Table (an RPG podcast Griffin loves and has mentioned a few times), seems to have enjoyed this episode too.
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I had never finished the mini-arcs and just this week I finally decided to catch up to the present day. I'm not disappointed! All the player characters are great but especially Duck, poor bastard.
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As the series progresses, I'm also starting to appreciate Aubrey as a kind of foil or counterpoint to Duck. Her character isn't as simple as just "Travis's manic energy in a lady magician package." She is someone who found out that she could do magic and that monsters exist, and who (very unlike Duck) immediately said "fuck yes I've seen TV shows let's do this thing!!" - but she is also already showing signs of over-reliance on magic as the solution to her every problem. Shades of Willow's arc in Buffy. And (as seen in this episode) her extremely casual magic-slinging is already beginning to put the secrecy of their mission at risk.

So as Duck begins to get more comfortable with his destiny, I think we might see Aubrey getting a little overly-comfortable with hers, and then needing to fall back a bit (or else going completely overboard).
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Ahhh, I want to hear Austin and Griffin on an RPG podcast together sometime! They've both talked about being fans of each others RPG podcasts and they've recorded some other stuff together, so it's possible, right?

Also, somebody needs to start doing fanfare posts for friends at the table. Their current arc is great.

Oh, and to include a comment about this actual episode- I ate at least half a pizza right before listening and the french onion soup bit still made me a little hungry. Justin's just very good at describing food.
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Oh, man, Nonni! Now, what was Clint doing, recording his DnD podcast while his mom was over visiting, even?

I always love the lunar interlude episodes. Also, I always love a nice, piping hot bowl of French onion soup.
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Fun fact: I've never had a proper bowl of French onion soup.
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You're missing out, you really are. In Duck's honor, you should rectify this situation immediately.

Just be careful, especially if you live in the US. There is a lot of bad not-quite-French-onion-soup out there.
posted by meese at 9:55 AM on July 16, 2018

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