Breaking Bad: Green Light   Rewatch 
October 23, 2014 9:16 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Walt loses control as he reacts to Skyler's news, endangering his job and relationships with Saul and Jesse. Hank throws himself into his blue meth investigation. Jesse enacts a new plan.

IGN review: "It's clear [Hank] and Walt are heading down similar paths of self-destruction."

Alan Sepinwall, appreciating the continued development of Mike's character:
What a great addition Jonathan Banks has been as Mike, whose loyalty is again confirmed as to Gus first and everyone else a distant second. His unflappable, completely professional demeanor stands in stark contrast to the excitable, bumbling amateurism of Walt, Jesse, and even Saul, who's only slightly less in-over-his-head than his two favorite clients.
"I don't believe fear to be an effective motivator."
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God I love seeing Walt's futile anger, as he attemps assault by potted plant. I take a great deal of pleasure in seeing Walt's emasculation, when it does happen. Meanwhile he lashes out at Jesse, who has basically mastered Walt's product, despite Walt's petty criticism. The truth is of course is that Walt is replacable, but he refuses to admit that. He has to be unique, he has to be the best at something.
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The further into the series I get, the more I like Mike and Gus - they're by far my favourite characters, because hey, competence! (Also, relatively little posturing.) I can't stand Walt any longer (or Hank, especially when he starts buying rocksminerals) and I just feel awful for Jesse.

I don't really understand Skyler's motivations, but I figure if she and Walt had been on the same page at the beginning, they would've been running both Gus's and the cartel's operations by this point.
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I feel sorry for Hank, trapped in his macho posturing, afraid to admit he needs help dealing with his PTSD (maybe too afraid to admit he even has PTSD?)

Walt's trapped in his own posturing, but he's a reprehensible git and my sympathies don't extend that far.
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