Wynonna Earp: Blood Red and Going Down
July 20, 2018 8:42 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

I don't know if there are enough Earpers on Fanfare yet to warrant weekly threads, but I figured the premiere should get one.

So nice to see Doc and his glorious mustache again. Over the past couple of months I watched all of Lost Girl on Netflix - I had watched the pilot back when it premiered and hadn't been hooked enough to continue, but I was curious to see if I liked it better after becoming a fan of this show. The weirdest thing was seeing a clean-shaven Tim Rozon; I didn't realize it was him for several episodes.

I enjoyed the premiere and am looking forward to the rest of the season. Though, I am a little anxious about the casting spoilers that Anna Silk is going to be guesting as a character named Kevin - I know the character was named after Kevin Bachelder of the 'Tales of the Black Badge' podcast, but, I'm nervous we're heading into another casting fuck-up a la 'Rub & Tug'
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I'm going to be optimistic and say that I trust Emily Andras a whole hell of a lot more than Rupert Sanders, so I'm not going to borrow trouble by worrying now about Anna Silk's character.

I adore Doc Holliday about as much as I disliked Mossimo on Lost Girl (which was a lot), so I really do have to give credit to Tim Rozon for both of those performances.

I'm a little confused about Mama Earp - when we saw her at the end of last season, she was outside, but this season she's in prison and seems to have been there for awhile.

I thought this episode was very fun, sexy fog, trampy vampires, and all.
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I'm a little confused about Mama Earp - when we saw her at the end of last season, she was outside, but this season she's in prison and seems to have been there for awhile.

Somewhere in one of my links there's an explanation by Andras or someone that it's an asylum not a prison (you can see a medical bracelet on Mama Earp in this episode), so the scene last season was outside the building but still on the facility grounds.
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Which does feel like a bit of a retcon, but I'm going to let it go because I adore Megan Follows and am just glad to see her back on the screen. :)
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Oh, neat, SyFy has already greenlit for next season - Vulture article: The Wynonna Earp Cast Announced A Fourth Season, So Fans Lost Their Minds
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Wait where can I watch this? Season 3 isn't showing up on any of the streaming services I use, including Amazon Prime Video. Happy to pay, just want to watch!
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Hi rhiannonstone - justwatch.com says season three is on Amazon, iTunes and Vudu. I have no idea what Vudu is.

I hope that Amazon link works. I watched last year on the Syfy site because I have my mom's cable log-on, but I got tired of the commercials, so this season I bought a season pass for iTunes. The episodes come out late Friday night and there's bonus content too, which is nice.
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Thank you, Squeak Attack! Season 3 was just not showing up in search results, so I am deeply appreciative.

Vudu is another streaming subscription service. Verrrrry rarely they have things the Big 3 + Google Play + iTunes don't, but I haven't found it worthwhile.
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Vudu is Walmart's digital service, so, they generally get digital distribution in conjunction with dvd/blu-ray releases, rather than with the broadcast release schedules.
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I started this episode last week but stopped after about ten minutes, intending to finish it later because I wasn't enjoying very much.

Turns out that the episode pretty much got a lot better after the first bit and I enjoyed this quite a bit when I finished it last night.

There was a lot of meta stuff about the BtVS influence and I think it all worked well.

"How' bout you eat... a DICK?"


"I'm not from Sweden, I'm from Hungary."

"Hungry for a DICK."

Both were way funnier than they had a right to be and a big part of it was her perfect delivery.

I watched Lost Girl through the first two (three?) seasons and bounced hard off the beginning of the following and never watched it again, feeling kind of sad and resentful about it because there had been numerous things I really liked. There's much of the same humor and sensibility in this show and that's most of why I like it.

It wasn't clear to me what happened to "Contessa" when Doc shot (at) her. But I think she's the only vamp to survive. (The boss presumably survived but horrifically changed in some way.)

I was totally suspicious of how Dolls, without missing a beat, didn't answer why he wasn't glamored. I thought for sure Petra had glamored
him and Petra was setting up Wynona to eliminate all her vamp enemies, particularly Mr. Hungary. But, no, Petra was killed first.

The Den of Geek writer: "I'm kind of sad that Petra died?"

Me, too, guy. Me, too.

I not only have forgotten what happened to Alice, I'd forgotten her entire existence.

I miss Bobo, but the actor has appeared in other roles on other shows looking exactly the same, so as far as I'm concerned, Bobo is always gonna be out there in TV Land somewhere.

Finally: "Sexy fog."
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