Colony: What Goes Around
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Will has to make a sacrifice to save his family. Katie wants to save refugees outside the wall. Snyder struggles to control the Seattle colony amidst war. Bram and Gracie face a big decision.

+ Davos, IGA Command Bunker

* the enemy fleet has breached the RAP's incomplete spacewall
* shaken Helena breaks the news to a room of analysts, the attack expected in a few hours
* there is a shield over Davos and another over the bunker, family welcome
Helena, upset and unconvincingly "We knew that this day was coming, and we are prepared. When our Hosts win this war - and they will win - our sacrifices will be replayed... It will be... humanity's greatest day."
* an aide brought Helena's little 'Tinkerbell' - and an alarm sounds
* the bunker is raided, humans fall to the flutterweapon in a wave, Helena runs for it
* her keycard fails to perform its job, a figure in active camouflage approaches down the hall, decloaks
* Helena gets fluttergunned

+ Seattle Colony

* in an abandoned apartment, Will is awoken by barks and shouts
* Greyhats are sweeping the neighbourhood, Will does down the fire escape, is surprised by a squad
* Will guns one down, turns the other direction, gets tazed

* Scott to Alan in Kyne's techbro home office: "They tell me you've been in here sulking all morning. I've got some good news. We captured one of the Outliers that abducted Kynes. He's an old friend of yours, Will Bowman."
* a morose Alan breaks to Scott that the attack has begun, Scott: "What are our orders?"
* (virtually?) all of IGA leadership is dead or captured
* Alan has a "special phone" with direct contact with RAPs, Scott: "What the Hell are we waiting for?"
Alan: "What if we picked the wrong side?"
* Alan changes subjects obviously reluctant to contact RAPs, wants to talk to Will

* entering a cell Alan: "Hello Will. How come every time we talk these days, one of us is tied to a chair?"
* Alan plays it cool, Will's not in the mood, Alan snarks some really good snarks
* Alan trades background info (Maddie perished on the moon) for: "The human race is in a fight for survival. And I need your help."
* recognizing Will's PTSD, Alan plays Will like an oboe
* a story is spun that Seattle will be left unprotected because of Outlier quota failure
Alan: "Either 150 Outliers show up at the Island at the end of the day, or they'll turn their backs on us. ... I'm counting on you to go tell them. Either they sacrifice themselves, or we all die."
Will: "You're letting me out of here?"
Alan: "Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you are too far gone. But this is your chance to save Katie and Gracie and Bram. Goodbye Will Bowman. I hope I never see you or your family again."

* at a seattleResist basement camp, Broussard seeks out Amy
* Kynes is stable, a vulnerable B opens up to Amy
* Amy encourages B to take charge no matter how reluctantly: "I know its easy to just be the man with the gun. Keep pulling the trigger hoping for orders. But that magical person you're waiting for - they're not coming. It's just us. Those people out there will listen to you."

* Katie strides into a SCP detachment, asks for a Sean Dalton (Bram), is given the cold shoulder
Katie: "I have information. About a dangerous group of refugees."
* Katie is told to chill in an unoccupied office, Sean Dalton is asked to go see some lady
Katie: "That's not your decision. I'm her mother."
Bram: "I'm sorry. This is the way it has to be. We finally found something good in Seattle, we've been safe here. Now you and dad are trying to mess that up? I don't care. Do whatever you want... but when they catch you they aren't going to take Gracie away because she'll be with me. ... You can't talk about this here. You need to leave. ... All I have to do is snap my fingers and they'll take you away. Is that what you want?"
Katie: "Your father and I never wanted for you to be involved in this."
Bram: "Then why'd dad ask me to help him to kill Snyder? You've made your choice, just go."

* at an all hands, Bram and all SCP staff swear fealty to the IGA, "and will you further pledge to give your unconditional obedience to Proxy Alan Snyder."
Chorus/ Bram: "I will."
* Bram is doing some mag reloads, Sal apparently went full turncoat pro-IGA Alan Snyder
* Sal's been snooping: "You and Gracie are staying at my home. Had to make sure we were all on the right side. ... It's going to get tough in the colony. If we keep our mouths shut and follow orders, we'll get through. You understand?"
Bram: "Yeah."

* Will is thrown out of an IGA van (on the edge of the DTES)
* in an abandoned restroom WIll checks his gear for bugs, pries one from his shoe

* Will updates B and seattleResist about Alan's plea
Dave: "I don't know. Sounds like a good way of getting 150 of our guys off of the street."
B: "What's your read?"
Will: "I've given up trying to read that man. But if he isn't lying..."
* B tastes at asserting himself to the group
Dave: "On who's orders?"
B: "Mine."
Dave: "I'll tell everybody to strap up."

* B's gang scout the previously raided armoury, B sets things in motion

* the armoury raid proceeds, Will is excessively hotdogging
* Will on point with B find Kyne's intermediate techbro bunker
* Will plays with the radio, contacts resistBuenos Aires, luckily they speak English
* la Reina del Plata is under attack by "the one they warned us would come, los le romoniof(??)"

* Katie rifles Bram's room, finds a printed photo of Meadow
* Katie stalks into seattleResist camp, Amy confronts her with raised pistol
* Amy is on edge, shares some backstory, drops news about the Factory being turned into an orifice
* Katie hadn't heard
Amy: "At some point, things have to turn around. They have to get better."
Katie: "I don't know. What are we doing to make it better?"

* Bram's squad is ordered to weapon-up, detachment is getting raided
* Greyhat seargent leads Sal's SCP squad on a block-by-block
* squad is ambushed, gunfight ensues, Bram's squad is quickly rendered into meat, Bram has cover - for now

* Will and Outliers return to seattleResist camp, Katie's waiting: "You asked Bram to help you."
Will: "With what?"
Katie: "Killing Snyder?"
* Will lies, Katie's pissed, Will is pissed back
* Katie de-escalates by being open, then "I thought I knew how hard this was going to be, when we lost Charlie. I never expected to go through it alone."
Will: "That's not fair."
Katie: "Don't. Don't! quit on us."
Will: "I don't know how to dig myself out of this hole."
Katie: "Start by being honest. With me, with yourself. You don't have to pretend its ok when you're not."

* Katie catches Will up on her Bramcoveries
Will: "We failed that."
Katie: "Yeah, but we can fix it. ... We don't worry about the big stuff, till we fix the small stuff. We put them first. ... We've got to find them!"
* half motivated to keep striving, will: "Hey, I'm proud of you. You always fight for what matters. You'll get to see that one day."
* Will has "a plan" - Katie's supposed to find the kids and go underground, Katie gives an innocent little nod back in return", walks away

* Kynes regains conciousness, Amy greets him
Kyne: "Are you a good doctor, Amy?"
Amy: "Very. But this isn't exactly my specialty."
* Kynes tells Amy about the execBunker, B listens in, Kynes brings B into his fold

* B call an all-hands: "Yo! Eyes front! I got news. And it isn't good. This city is about to be attacked from space."
* B tries to sell the 150 sacrifices, "we have to lead by example"
* Will pipes in as the first volunteer, bolsters B, advocates being a shield for humanity
* the rest of seattleResist falls in, B and Will eyebang

* Alan supervises looting and redecorating Kynes Residents
Alan, with Scott, to the seattleBoard: "All of you worked for Mr.* Kynes. So I presume you have some loyalty to him. If you want to leave your positions, I will give you a free pass. Just walk out the door."
* board trades looks, one leaves, Alan plays it cool
* Alan's prying for loyalty hooks, decides to take the intimidation route instead, has Morrow murdered
* apparently, Alan knows Morrow destroyed a database of documented Outliers, suborns the board through fear

* Amy follows up on B: "I'm sorry about your friend."
* Amy shows some leadership initiative herself, claims Kynes clued her into the next target
Amy: "The Occupation hates him, so he can't be all bad."
* Amy further encourages B's leadership role
B: "Look at you. Finding your inner Machiavelli."
Amy: "If you're going to be a leader someone has to whsiper dark ideas into your ear."

* Gracie returns to Sal's house, asks Bram for grown-up truth, Bram snowjobs her
* Oh! it's about mom and dad, Bram older-brothers

* Katie visits the gate in official badge-on-a-lanyard capacity, Michelle is surprisingly helpful, "Mr. Kynes order us to evacutate the camp... ... Mr. Kynes is the reason I took the job. He's the one I trust."
* Michelle really is a good'un with a case of cynicism, just trying to do as much good as possible in a truly crappy system
* Katie is open, Michelle resigns to White female privilege expectations and goes, "oh fine, for fucks sakes."
* Muchelle asks Katie to help ameliorate chaos, Katie's "ya sure of course, if I'm able."
* Katie does feel a little bit bad for a little bit

* Outliers walk down the street, meet nervous trigger-happy Greyhats
Will: "We're Outliers. We're here to turn ourselves oever."

* squad of IGA SUVs speed towards a section of the Wall, Alan and Scott disembark and eyeball the flyDrone swarm over the walls
* the flyDrones are all leaving, Alan asks as Grehat to start to siege-up Seattle Bloc.
Greyhat: "Sir, we still have personnel outside the wall. . I'll get it done."
* Scott reports that 150 Outliers have presented themselves on the Island, Alan seems pissed but says the right things
Alan: "If we don't play this just right, we're going to wind up with heads on pikes."

* Katie revisits SeattleBloc Gate, is shut down

* seattleResists chooses darker colours for uniform, whatever longarms were available
* B grooms/ re-affirms Dave as an alt leader before leaving for a risky fireteam op
* B meets the 150, the 150 likely accept 'the Cavalry' moniker after negotiations

* Destruction becomes real in the remaining pockets of humanity

* Outliers keep being podded

* Alan witnesses the visible light electromagnetic spectrum farts of a near-planet combat encounter between two interstellar-capable species.

* ... er, Mr. "Two Ph.Ds" Kynes?
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Just wanted to say that I have appreciated the effort you put into doing these extremely detailed recaps. Colony was fun while it lasted.
posted by fuse theorem at 4:46 PM on July 27, 2018 [3 favorites]

I was in denial about the status/ fate of the show and didn't check until now. I guess this was it.

Ultimately the trickle of background proved to be too slow, I wonder if a proper series-ending S4 could have given a coherent story - if the writers even had a full background or they were winging it all along.

How RAPs were named in LA, I guess this will bug me forever. The "Clicks" McG's camp used kind of makes sense; damaged RAPs might make clicking noises. "Morks" in Seattle works. The RAPs making IGA call them "our Hosts" is pretty spot on.

In the cold open with One and Two, the infra-monocle can spot cloaked BioEnemy (albeit as blobs). Why weren't IR goggles a Thing?

With the exception of Kynes' captured Bio (possibly captured after Drone-related injury), we don't see a single one being taken down by a human (the one in the crashed fighter vehicle was downed by a flyDrone).

What was the point of Outliers, then?

In addition to Kynes' captured Bio, Morrow and Kynes had something on their server/ mainframe. Was it a RAP brainball, or a simulated RAP? Incidentally, I transcribed "F" but Morrow was likely just saying 'jefe' which he also used in different contexts.

I thought that Alan Snyder was the star character, Katie was strong early, Will grew on me a bit, the Broussard character had potential but needed his "stop feeling sorry for yourself" from Amy - could have been a really great character in S4.

Bob Burke (Toby Huss) was a great villain, I really liked how Ally Walker seemed to have played Helena with a ton of coherent background. Carl Weathers (Beau) was fun (and Weathers was also fun in Arrested Development).

It was an interesting ride, too bad the writers didn't get a chance to write a complete story.
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Funny that RAP suits are about human-sized. Funny that BioEnemy are about human-sized. Yeah, tons of "it was a practical decision."

Since we likely won't get to know, in my headcannon:

RAPs used to be biologicals, but some number of them went through a singularity-type event to become electromechanical. The construction of RAP brainballs is resource intensive - require immense infrastructure, some resource-limited tech, a lot of time, and perhaps some limited resource like a stable transuranic element or something that takes a lot of time/ resource to manufacture/ refine.

Then there was a schism between those who didn't want/ couldn't afford to transcend. There was an inevitable inequality thing, leading to war. RAPs had to eventually escape their homeworld through interstellar travel. The bioRAPs let them go/ didn't know they escaped.

The original interstellar travel could have been slow - so slow that it wasn't worth biologicals to attempt (since "stasis" isn't really biologically/ scientifically plausible, and generation ships are a PITA). Maybe this slow transit messed up (a lot/ most/ all of the) RAPs' psychology, but perhaps they can go into 'standby mode' to shorten the perception of the journey.

RAPs eventually discover the BioEnemy, and enslaved them (for labour, for entertainment, for 'meaning' - being a machine and only being able to interact with, say, only several hundred or even several thousand sentients (the other RAPs) turns out to kind of suck - imagine Peter Thiel and Elon Musk having to spend the rest of eternity only with each other). Without 'standby mode,' the passage of that much time with such limited interaction... that's crazy-town territory right there.

RAPs raised Bio's level of technology, maybe even got back to the point of being able to create new brainballs (although without original bioRAPs to upload, how would new RAPs be actualized?) and maybe even create hybrid consciousnesses from multiple RAPs to inhabit the new brainballs. Or maybe that was it, no new RAPs because there aren't any bioRAPs to en-RAP. But they can maintain existing hardware or create new hardware to (destructively) transfer into (or there is some taboo about cloning/ copying).

Maybe some of the privileged BioEnemy uploaded into RAP brainballs to become new RAPs.

BioEnemy eventually succeeded in an uprising, chased the RAPs away again.

It's possible that the RAPs have been kicked out of multiple inhabited systems and their numbers dwindle some more every time.

RAPs try the same scam on Earth, with refinements learned from their subjugation of the BioEnemy (and also ignoring blindspots they might have developed) - only this time, their enemies were willing/ able to chase them, to try to eliminate them.

Humans also ended up being pretty different psychologically and sociologically and that explains any RAP failures.

Maybe interstellar travel tech got a saltatory leap (RAPs being surprised BioEnemy showed up so quickly, space-based defenses inadequate). Perhaps BioEnemy hates enough to bother with the generation ship thing (and are all now crazy from the echo chamber and possibly religious/ cultural/ political incest). Perhaps their physiology makes 'stasis' possible.

Its possible that the RAPs adopted the BioEnemy physiological plan (ie., size, bipedal, quad limbed) as an interaction interface, and kept using those on Earth because... eh, close enough. RAPs in privacy might take the form resembling their original bioRAP shape, or are in armoured and secured locations and interact remotely.

BioEnemy maybe has different ethics/ worldviews so they don't care about Humans whatsoever, or that Humans are irrelevant, to explain why BioEnemy isn't super keen on saving Humans whereas Humans in the same situation might show empathy or maybe even try to recruit the subjugated to rise up against the RAPs, or at least try to free them.

Or maybe that's why Kynes' captured BioEnemy was willing to give him aid.

Can't really fit in the "brain anomaly"/ telepathy it did to Kynes. Maybe they're 'just that different' explains it.

Perhaps BioEnemy are the original bioRAPs who - due to their telepathy - are unable to transcend into an electromechancal existence, at least not without losing their telepathy.

This could also explain their ambivalence towards humans - ie., "it's an internal thing" and bioRAP/Enemy just wants to wipe out the electromechanicals and go home.

I can't reconcile Outliers/ BioWeapon/ PodPeople other than a RAP blindspot/ stupidity.
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From S03E06

* Bram returns with supplies and scouting report
Bram: "They have computers and cameras and everything. This place is wired. They could easily find out who we are."
Will: "There's a good chance they already know."
Katie: "If they come for us, you have to look after your sister."
Bram: "I don't want to."
* Katie emotionally blackmails Bram, Bram sucks it up, Will approves

Forgot about this - Katie and Will, absenteeism aside, caused the Gracie thing.

But Bram taking care of Gracie is probably the best for Gracie as could be expected - and for Will and Katie
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I'm still pretty down about this getting canceled. I'm not surprised - it was taking too long to get where it needed to be, and it was pretty expensive - but I still feel like this was a proper spiritual successor to V, (unlike the official reboot), and I wanted that more than I had realized.

Some scattered thoughts:
* Great recaps.

Seriously, you've done a fantastic job, porpoise.

* I feel like everybody got an appropriate ending, if this had to be the end:

Bram turning on Will and Katie was completely believable, and Bram finally came across as a person instead of a scattered plot device. Him taking care of Gracie - even if it meant collaborating - mirrored Will's choice in S1. Guess the student is now the master.

Katie's stuff at the end fit her arc pretty well: that heady mix of selfishness (my family FIRST) and heroism (well my family's a no-go, so lemme help) was always her thing.

Broussard taking the reins of the resistance felt right.

Will deciding to go to space was some sort of payoff for his self destructive kick this season. Probably the weakest thread for me.

Snyder doubling down for lack of a better plan seems like setup for his tragic end, but also made sense: he really couldn't switch sides twice.

Ditching Kynes was definitely the right move at this juncture if they'd continued.

Helena dying in such an unceremonious way was funny/horrible. Definitely did a good job of setting up the new alien menace.

So... hm. Yeah. Good times. I hope this gets finished out in other media, as I'd love to know the whole story on the RAPs and new guys. (I'm less concerned about the specific fate of the Bowmans - in the end, I was more interested in Broussard and Snyder because they were the big-picture players on either side, and far more professional in their work.)
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Thanks mordax! I'm waiting for the remainder half season of 'Vikings' for my next go at it.

Another thing that didn't quite register originally - Alan Snyder is looking after Bram and Gracie, again!

Alan deliberately saved Bram from the Work Prison, Alan actually liked Charlie and Gracie - despite having to play 'their slave' role -, in retrospect I would be surprised if Alan didn't pinpoint where all the Bowmans were after he found out about them in Seattle - and found out as much about each of them as possible.

That was the most sad thing about Will - Alan actually does care about the Bowman kids that he's had contact with. He had a child of his own, that he knows he has outlived. But Will has no idea and isn't interested.

Alan knew to target Sal to press for information, as a leverage on Bram.
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I just came late to the show's funeral and wanted to give all you stragglers a hug. What all y'all said, I'm with you. So good! But it seems few people want to literally watch maple syrup drip from a tree, or a great scifi plot unwind itself inexorably slow, unless they can maybe binge-watch a whole season at once.

Would be amazing if another network or medium picked up the storyline, but I've mourned the show already in my own way. I appreciate them trying to retcon a solid series finale after getting notice, so there's that.

Hadn't noticed that Bram was literally recreating his father's decision tree from S1, so that's a nice catch. :)

Agreed that Alan Snyder was potentially the best character, because hey - the best villains are the ones where you can imagine being in their shoes and making the same not-great decisions just to survive. He obviously cared for the Bowman kids; Will made a few equally harsh decisions as Alan, and frankly so did Broussard. That's one reason I found the whole "kidnap/interrogate Alan then kill him" episode off-tone and frankly depressing.

Helena's frantic key-carding death had us crying with laughter. We must've rewound that scene 10 times and re-watched it just for the lulz. I'm only sorry Alan didn't get to see it, too.

RIP, Colony, but I'm comforted that we basically know who "won" the war. Here's my coda:
“Hello, Bios. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and [empty]. On the outside, Bios, you've got a hundred [million] years here. There's only one rule that I know of, Bios: "God damn it, you've got to [beat the Raps/Morks/Clicks/Hosts.]”
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I'm just over here hoping that the show's cancellation doesn't prevent Season 3 from showing up on Netflix.
posted by tobascodagama at 8:08 AM on August 1, 2018 [4 favorites]

Me as well, tabasco! Husband started watching the show with me about 3 eps ago (he's getting a second degree at night). I've persuaded him if S1-S3 are all online, we can binge the series from ep1.
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Helena's frantic key-carding death had us crying with laughter. We must've rewound that scene 10 times and re-watched it just for the lulz.

Hahaha. I've missed you in threads like these, Unicorn! :)
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