Killjoys: Johnny Dangerously
July 27, 2018 9:10 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

My electricity cut out for a minute during the episode, at the point of the ex-Scarback meeting when Pree has gotten up to leave and Garrd is all “since we’re here...” Pree/Gared is still the cutest ship ever. Did I miss anything in the scene after Gared’s line, or did the scene just end with Pree looking affectionately at him?
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"Please stop underestimating me."

Strong Zeph episode. I like.
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Gared: "Since we're here..."
Pree: "What the Hells. I haven't been that good. <removes jacket> but not the face."

- fades back Davin trying to convince people on a plan
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AHHH! Zeph and Pip (well, the actors) had several scenes together on The Expanse! There's considerable crossover between the two shows (Fancy, Fairuza, probably others I missed), but it was neat watching those two actors work with each other in two very different circumstances.

Well, except that on both shows, they started off on a wrecked spaceship. :)
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Pree just oozes star quality in every scene he's in. I'm glad he hasn't been relegated to permanent barkeep status.

I love this ep so much because Shawn and Aaron Ashmore have said that Shawn usually gets cast in "good guy" roles, while Aaron's cast more often in "bad guy/bully" roles. It's fun to see him shed that aw-shucks behavior after his Hullen makeover!

Also, RIP Pip -- it looks like you just got colonized by a Lady GreenSpider. While that sucks and puts our heroes in even more peril, maybe Johnny can just suck out the bad parts and leave Pip intact (sort of like a Human Capri Sun)?
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Ooh, DragonCon just added Aaron Ashmore to the guest list today, and Tamsen McDonough (Lucy) last week. Fingers crossed they’ve got a few more of the cast coming.
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