I Feel Pretty (2018)
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A woman struggling with insecurity wakes from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when she realizes her appearance never changed?
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I saw this in the theaters (ah, MoviePass...) and just couldn't bother with the effort to make a FanFare post. It just felt... pointless. Like the script was going to be for a Disney Channel Original Movie, but then Schumer fell into it, so they had to make it a "real" movie.

The most memorable thing was trying to figure out who the actress was playing the executive with the squeaky voice and being blown back in my seat when I realized it was Michelle Fucking Williams.
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She was hilarious in this! I had read all the critiques and defences of this and went into it hoping it would be ok, but as one of the reviews said it could have worked if it was just a better film. It was also way too long.
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Just caught this because I like Schumer and Philipps and wanted a brain dead funny/ raunchy movie.

The acting's good enough, Rory Scovel was surprisingly good, but the script was total garbage.
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