24: Live Another Day: Day 9: 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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As Margot Al-Harazi proceeds with her plan, Naveed and Simone decide where their loyalties lie.
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I'll continue to watch this but I have to say I've zero interest in the villain du jour. I wasn't a regular viewer of the show before, so how does this one compare?
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As a Brit, I'm enjoying this series for its sheer novelty value. Having Stephen Fry as the PM alongside a number of seriously wonky accents makes this run of 24 all the more enjoyable. Margot is fun to watch as she chews on the scenery with relish.

Saying that, having seen all the previous series, I can't quite remember what happened between Jack and Audrey....?
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I really couldn't remember what happened to them either (having also watched at least all the seasons Audrey was in) -- but what I do remember from the quick wiki review I did when my new-to-24 partner asked, is that she went to China after Jack had been captured by the Chinese and tried to find him covertly and ended up captured by the Chinese herself and tortured and eventually catatonic upon return. And Jack gave up contact with her because loving Jack is a recipe for totally fucking life disaster.

And I sort of adore how the show just sort have hand waved any real explanation of their history either except Mark giving an even shorter synopsis and every just accepting that Loving Jack is Bad, mmkay?

All that said, I found the Jack and Audrey reunion scene, like the Jack/Chloe scene in the car after she thinks she sees her dead family and he explains what happened, much more successful in getting a reaction using pathos than 24 usually is.

Speaking of things that 24 is often weak about, as for having zero interest in the villain, I agree that part is the weakest story element so far. I wouldn't say that it's always the villain side of the action that's the worst, but it has been before, and there has always been one weak link in the plot chain (see: the trope Trapped My Mountain Lions).

I will say that this is easily the most obvious 'plus' of the new 12 episode format because the stuff that doesn't work doesn't work as quickly. In the past, we would have had weeks of Naveen waffling and Simone having to act in a way that didn't give up the game that she wasn't onboard with his rebellion without making the end result seem ridiculous. This season we get introduced to his conflict, had him watch his wife get her ring finger cut off because of him, and see his mother-in-law have him shot in the head with his wife's approval all in just three episodes.

Speaking of other things that work better this year, usually the protagonists who are like-Jack-but-not-Jack, the role Kate is filling this year, don't interest me. But Yvonne Strahovski is killing it, and I really dug when she literally picked up his earpiece to take over with Chloe when he got arrested. 24 is Jack Bauer's show, but if Keifer Sutherland decided to move on but Fox and the producers didn't, I would watch Barely By The Book Kate and Goth Hacker Chloe Save the World in a heart beat -- and not just because an action/adventure show with two awesome female leads would get a lot of good will from me from the beginning.

(This last paragraph contains a comment I wrote in the AV Club review because I didn't think I'd have much to say about this episode so I just went ahead and posted it there instead of creating a post here. Obviously, I found more to say.)
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I would watch Barely By The Book Kate and Goth Hacker Chloe Save the World in a heart beat

I am not watching this season of 24 - but I too would watch the show you are proposing. Mostly because of Chloe.
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24 is Jack Bauer's show, but if Keifer Sutherland decided to move on but Fox and the producers didn't, I would watch Barely By The Book Kate and Goth Hacker Chloe Save the World in a heart beat

I had similar feelings about the Renee Walker character and look how that turned out.
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I'm mildly disappointed that we've lost Benjamin Bratt now. I mean, he was just phoning it in, and I couldn't stop staring at his nose job (you'd think that watching all that Law & Order would make it fade into the background, but, apparently, nope, Demolition Man has embedded deeply into my brain), but I was hoping for a little more.

Unfortunately, that "little more" in a full 24-episode season would have probably dragged on forever, like he would have a kid in trouble at school, or his wife was worried about the mortgage, or something else equally ridiculous that would last for at least 5 episodes just to fill time. So maybe it's good that he was there, and now he's not.

I would totally eat up Barely By The Book Kate and Goth Hacker Chloe Save the World, though. If Chloe went back to her Season 3 really awkward attitude as well? Heck yeah.

"Chloe, I need that information!"
"Stop being so angry with me! I can't work like this!"
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