My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 419: Some Good JPEGs of My Favorite Matrix Characters
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Let this episode stand as a sort of checkpoint for those working their way through the MBMBaM catalog. The episode following this one has become unstuck in time. It is in the ether, somewhere. It will arrive when it decides to. Come home, Episode 420. Come home to us. Suggested talking points: Inside The Writer's Room, Dental Distraction, Automotive Manufacturing, Ruling the School (w/ Guestpert Elsie Fisher!), A Genuinely Scary Haunted Doll Watch, Riddle Me Piss, Art From the Web
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Feels like there's been lots of guestsperts lately! This one was pretty short and sweet, and led to a couple good moments.

I had a heckin good laugh at the Mater bit. "I can't remember my daughter's face but I won the big race!" or "I have no mouth but I must 'VROOOOOOM!'"
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I'm glad to hear how much work they're putting into a good 420 plan. It would have been easy (and very unfun) to have an episode just focused on weed jokes. I really like the idea of just skipping it.
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I checked out Hey Riddle, Riddle (the riddle-based podcast Justin mentioned at the top of Riddle Me Piss) and it's really good!

The awkward dental hygienist interaction is total Pack Your Bags and Move Away territory. It's possible I would have gotten out of the chair and walked out of the dentist's office if that happened to me.
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I have no idea what they were talking about with TV's in the actual dental chair area. Is that a thing? I've always just closed my eyes, and later when earbuds were a thing I'd ask if I could listen to music while they did their biz.
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Yeah, I've always been a "close your eyes as much as possible at the dentist" person. I hear about people watching things or even listening to MBMBAM while at the dentist and that just seems like a recipe for you laughing when there's sharp implements in your mouth.
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I had a dentist who had TVs in each exam room and kept them on CNN. It was awful; like being in an airport and at the dentist at the same time.
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I have no idea what they were talking about with TV's in the actual dental chair area.

The pediatric dentist we used to take my daughter to had TVs mounted on the ceiling above each chair, playing kids movies or TV shows. It really helped, especially with the impatient ones.
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I loved Griffin's idea about the 420 episode. And it's so very on brand for 420.
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I dreamed that for episode 420 they got Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce to host the show.
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> a dentist who had TVs in each exam room and kept them on CNN

That's like trying to treat your anxiety by screaming that you're not anxious enough.
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Elsie seemed perfectly lovely, but I really hope the "guestpert promoting their new movie" bit isn't a new regular thing. The Lin Manuel Miranda, Jimmy Buffett, and Marilu Henner spots all felt really organic, but this one felt salesy.
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Yeah I actually fast forwarded through it. Especially bc Griffin and Travis’s audio was messed up for her segment.
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The dentist I grew up with wore glasses, which was awesome for me, because it let me watch the business going on in my mouth from the reflection. I loved the action when I got my wisdom teeth out.
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