Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sexual Harassment, Interview with Anita Hill
August 13, 2018 7:50 PM - Season 5, Episode 18 - Subscribe

This episode aired on July 29:
  • More Stupid Watergate, "Something with the potential gravity of Watergate, if the entire White House was on bath salts and Nixon was a raccoon with his head stuck in a jar of peanut butter." Revealed is that Cohen secretly taped interactions between him and Trump, and some of one of the tapes was leaked, relating them planning to keep a story about Trump's affair with Playboy Bunny Karen McDougal secret. Also, Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of the meeting with Russian representatives in Trump Tower. And, Mueller is looking into whether Trump's tweets constitute obstruction of justice.
  • Facebook loses $119 billion dollars of value, 19% of its total valuation, overnight. That's more than the value of the entire global cheese market: Facebook's stock dropped by the concept of cheese. It's because of piracy issues, which they've apologized for via an ubiquitous ad. LWT provides one of their trademark more honest versions.
  • Main story: Workplace sexual harassment. In the wake of a number of prominent male executives being brought down, it's looking like something may finally be done about it... except that the current situation shares a lot of things in common with the 90s, at which time everything was supposed to change, and then, didn't. The issue became national news with the testimony of Anita Hill before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • The last act was a great interview with Anita Hill herself.
Both the main story and the interview are on the show's official Youtube channel. (29m)

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that interview is why I like John Oliver. he can disarm you with his own sincerity about his own privilege and the recognition that as a person he can always be better. and still make you chuckle.

Anita Hill is amazing to hear. someone with that much composure having lived the life she did.
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