Gilmore Girls: Cinnamon's Wake   Rewatch 
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Babbette and Morey's cat dies. Lorelai misses her date with Max because of the funeral. She also discovers that Rory is keeping a secret from her, namely Dean.
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A few thoughts from this episode:
  • Max and Lorelai's coffee "date" seems like a nice glimpse of "courtship in the Sherman-Palladino world of wit"... it reminds me of the old hard-boiled stage comedies or classic movies, where you can tell who is supposed to end up together based solely on their banter. Also a nice counterpoint to the budding Rory-Dean relationship, which has been almost entirely made up of longing glances.
  • I like how obvious it is that the death of Cinnamon the cat is more traumatic than a second-cousin Lorelai can't remember meeting. Small-town living, duh!
  • Not quite sure what to make of the gentle rivalry between the Sookie's "fancy" food aesthetic and Luke's "diner" grub at the wake... I mean, they are both likable and the show doesn't make a huge deal of it, but it is interesting casting Sookie as the fancy one (a bit pejoratively), given that it's an insult usually reserved for Lorelai's parents and the Hartford/Chilton crowd.
Hope it's in line with Fanfare etiquette that I created this post... I was itching to talk! So many thoughts about class / conspicuous wealth and the following episode (Rory's birthday party), ahhh.
posted by Zephyrial at 5:20 PM on October 26, 2014

This is one of my favourite s1 episodes. The wake itself encapsulates what I love about the Stars Hollow universe.
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I forgot to mention, I love that they barely acknowledge how Babbette and Morey live in a freaking hobbit house. What's with all the tiny doorways and low ceilings??
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Babette is very short and thus has had the house designed for her.
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I love Babette's tiny house.
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I actually teared up when Babette told Lorelei her fear of she and Maury breaking up because they've "lost a child." I like when they take the quirky townsfolk characters and give them some real depth.
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Most of the time, Max is mild and inoffensive. At the start, though, I have to say there were major red flags. His talking points to Lorelei are basically, in order: I gave your daughter a bad grade, I hope I don't have to give her more bad grades, you should go out with me, dating me is totally ethical, really we need to date, and I don't take no for an answer. (I'm even more concerned that Lorelei ended up charmed by the fact that he's so persistent and bulldozed past her very legitimate concerns instead of threatened that he has the power to make her daughter's life miserable.)
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Zephyrial, thank you for making this post! I was just wondering if there was another one up, and here it is!

I think the fancy thing is just to round out Sookie's character. She's zany and intense, but it's because she's a food artist!

Also, one thing that they do pretty subtly throughout the series is highlight how Lorelai's career is all about managing this inn that is, indeed, pretty fancy. She may have rejected her upbringing and her parents' values, but the class/social education she received made her career possible. She's irreverent and rebellious in her personal life, but her work is all New England WASPy Class - not in the same 1% way as her parents, but still, it's classy.
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lunasol, that's a really good point about the Inn being the place where Lorelai can't escape the upper-classness of her upbringing, in a sense.

I hope people keep posting these! This is a first watch for me, so I have been bingeing on the rest of Season 1 but am still totally down for discussion on more of these early episodes.
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Oooh. I'm glad to see this one go up. It's an upteenth re-watch for me, but it's my boyfriend's first watch, and we just finished up Cinnamon's Wake a couple nights ago.

I love how all the girls are so right and so wrong in the first season to various degrees. They're both sometimes likeable and sometimes unlikeable, and apparently I've grown up and turned into Sookie. She's so full of energy and so into cooking, and although I'm not a professional chef, something about Sookie really seems to resonate more with me now as an adult.

When I watched this show for the first time as a teen, I was a giant Rory fangirl. Watching it again (and again and again) in syndication made me a big fan of Lorelai and Luke, but apparently this time, I'm all about Sookie.

My boyfriend really, really likes the townies, and he's going to be so crushed when he realizes Drella just up and disappears soon (if she hasn't already), but I think he may like Jess, so we'll see how this all goes. He also finds Miss Patty absolutely charming, because nothing gets past her.
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HOW IS THERE NOT A RULE ABOUT DATING RELATIVES OF STUDENTS?! Chilton literally nitpicks every single other thing....
"There's nothing safer than decaf!" ????
Nice weasel way to set up a date, Lorelai!
"Shall we cut the cute and just get to it?"
While I agree that Luke is right in chasing Sookie out from the counter--not her workspace--his general permacranky is annoying me. And I say this as a person who IS permacranky. This is supposed to be endearing and/or sexy?
"You can put ANYTHING in your mouth that you want to." This is reminding me of a story a friend of mine told me about trying to enforce the rules at her work with a Big Shot who gets allowed to get away with whatever he wants.
Apparently one way or another the Lorelais are destined to go to a funeral?
"She'll understand. You're crazy."
Panda bear underwear?!
"You're going to a raccoon's wedding?" Seriously, DON'T TELL HER YOU WENT TO A CAT'S FUNERAL. YOU KNEW BETTER.
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