Suits: Inside Track
August 29, 2018 2:22 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Harvey asks Mike to find a loophole so that he can oust the incoming CEO of a motor company he represents, while Louis puts outrageous demands on Mike as he tries to make arrangements for the Rookie Dinner. [IMDB]
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Random impressions:
- Jessica is cunning and I like it.
- I know I shouldn't be surprised at how much lawyers make but I still had sticker shock at the $10,000+ dinner bill (that Harvey picked up) and the half a million buy-in required by Harvey (which he insists he had ready since he set sights on Senior Partner). And this was 7 years ago!
- Louis is once again deservedly the fall guy. But I wonder how much longer this can last before he turns really nasty. I predict he will be key to unveiling Mike's con as a certified lawyer.
- I was really put off by Mike and Jessica's kiss. I hope this doesn't become a real conflict for him because hello, Rachel is of course by far less messy and superior to the naive Jessica.
- Tesla lol.
- Mike's granny is awesome. She immediately called Trevor for what he was and advised Mike to dump the loser. She would do well as a contributor to AskMe Human Relations questions.
- Harvey to Mike "Are you trying to look like me?" Mike quickly adjusts his hair. lol.
- No gluten, no chicken and something else would not be considered 'outrageous' demands in 2018.
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I'm watching episodes that are coming out now, and with these threads hitting fanfare I want to point out that even though this show is a lil pulpy and cheesy, what I really like is that ultimately, it circles back to the characters processing shit about their relationships. Which is sweet.
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