Kidding: Green Means Go
September 9, 2018 8:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Jeff Pickles decides it's time to talk about death on "Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time." His executive producer, Seb, feels that Mr. Pickles, the persona, and Jeff Pickles, the person, need to remain separate. Meanwhile, Deirdre punishes her daughter Maddy for not eating her veggies.
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I'm interested in seeing if this is anything better than the most obvious "what if Mr. Rogers but dark and tWiSteD" take. It's hard to tell from the reviews. I may actually have to watch it.
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I generally liked this, but put a big WTF next to their ideas about gay men.
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The Vulture recap does a good job summarizing my issue with this - they want him to be a Mr. Rogers figure, but he has none of the qualities that made Mr. Rogers who he was. It strains credulity when Sebastian argues against addressing death of the show, saying that it'll traumatize children and ruin parent's trust in the show. But in the real world, both Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street did so to great acclaim. He seems like a caricature of Mr. Rogers with a show that's crassly commercial and not afraid to admit it, who somehow has the same public reputation as Mr. Rogers. It didn't work for me.
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everybody who bailed on this show early is missing the best part, I'll give you a hint what it is: it's Tara Lipinski
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That... makes me seriously consider returning to this show.
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Very disconcerting to find this show's not conquering MeFites... maybe it's to do with the fact that Mr. Rogers is just too close to the bone? Seen from abroad, at a remove, it makes for really compelling viewing.

(I'll add further episode posts, just in case any other latecomers want a place to chat all things Pickles.)
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