My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 425: Bigfoot Meat
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Human civilization has long pondered the question of Bigfoot's existence. But have we, in searching for the Bigfoot, avoided confronting the far more pressing concern: Which kind of dipping sauce goes best with Bigfoot Meat? Suggested talking points: Iron Deferens, Mork Tipping, Demons in the Dugout, Failure to Fish, Harry and Fieri, Not Brave
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It was upsetting the realize the brothers have not heard of Damn Yankees, which is where Demons in the Outfield was obviously heading.
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I feel like Travis has probably been in Damn Yankees at some point.

The Failure to Fish question is actually a really good one. It is weirdly intimidating to try and pick up most hobbies. Everything and everyone already sort of assume that you know what you are doing, and it is not easy to say something like "Now how do I, y'know, do this?" to the person selling you bait or carabiners or gouache or whatever.
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Oh man, as a former bait shop employee, at least for fishing, you're totally clear to ask any and all questions, there is nothing a (decent, non-asshole) fisher likes more, since entry level fishing is really easy to explain and do.

The attitude of assuming you know it all already is a defense mechanism, as trying to explain a thing to someone who knows it is somewhat condescending at best and will draw a sharp rebuke at worst.
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I'm so bad at bowling that I get unsolicited advice from strangers every freaking time. I have no pride, though, and accept their comments gracefully (and then forget them and go back to happily doing whatever I was doing).
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I was very glad when the brothers came to recognize that Guy Fieri would not willingly eat his best bud, the Bigfoot.
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