American Horror Story: The Morning After
September 20, 2018 6:34 AM - Season 8, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The mysterious Michael Langdon begins to interview the survivors, and an old friend returns.
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So does their bunker have like a huge warehouse of candles and firewood? And who is keeping all of those candles lit? There must be wax everywhere
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I thought this was a major improvement over last week, tho' it's a little alarming that the most exciting parts are all callbacks to previous storylines -- the snakes and Stevie Nicks (!!) from Coven, and obviously the Rubber Man from Murder House. I presume Tate is in the latex and I'm excited to see him unmask, but I can't say I'm as interested in any of the new characters. I'm actually a little worried about this whole thing where Kathy Bates is apparently a Weyland Yutani product; that's just silly, even for AHS.
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that's just silly, even for AHS.

I love how we do this every single year.
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I love how we do this every single year.

Yeah, I keep wanting to like these but. The problem is I love the concept of a recurring cast in different parts and that I love the core cast. Purely style points.

So far, this season feels like a (mostly) straight locked mansion murder mystery. I'm going to be disappointed if there isn't a reveal for why.

I don't care so much about the how, or at least the show hasn't given me a reason to.

grumble, 'Southern Reach' trilogy/ Annhilation the movie - I'm still trying to slog through the last pages of the third (and hopefully last) book, but it's all not really actually good and I suspect I'll be left without a 'why' - don't go 'ineffable intelligences' on me because you could have just said 'ineffable intelligences' from page one and I wouldn't have wasted my time. It's not like 'ineffable intelligences' was a new or unexplored thing, and even if it wasn't, 'Southern Reach' doesn't do it all that well especially even if as considered a pioneer in 'ineffable intelligences' genre. This's all coming from someone who appreciates China Mieville.
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I mean Joan Collins blurted out 10 Little Indians. She wasn't JUST being an old racist. That's probably the storyline, but dystopian flavored.

Michael Langdon is the epitome of bitchcraft and I'm here for it.
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I doubt it's Tate in the rubber suit as that would be too obvious. Plus aren't ghosts confined physically? That was established in murder house. So the rubber suit entity (if it is a ghost) can't be Tate.
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The ghosts were confined to the house originally, but I presume either the house was destroyed in the war, setting them free, or somehow the bunker and the house are connected.
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