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Should we do a full season discussion or per episode?
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I haven't watched any episodes yet, but it looks like AV Club & Vulture are doing individual episode recaps, so, presumably it's the kind of show that warrants episodic discussion? Regardless, like I said in the general Series Posts vs Individual Episodes Fanfare Talk, I think it's always a good idea to start with an Episode 1 thread. You can always switch to full-season mode later if it turns out that everyone has zoomed ahead with the binge or there's nobody who wants to write up umpteen individual posts, but, I think you ultimately generate better discussion if you start with a pilot thread so everyone can give their full first impressions without worrying about getting spoiled/spoiling others.
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I have it queued up but haven't had a chance to watch it

oh yeah! is a demonstrably meritocacratic elite of FanFare, and I respect any advice that she might give in this domain - implicitly.
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just heard about this today
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