Maniac: Furs by Sebastian
September 22, 2018 8:36 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Taking the B pill takes us into an entirely different reality
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Were they overacting? Maybe, but I loved it.
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Art of noise! <3 <3 <3
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This was my least favorite episode so far, but I still really enjoyed it. "Crisp!" It was campy, but just right. My favorite part was when the son got shot, and then shot again, and the turned around and shot some more. The Fish and Wildlife ranger that just wanted to be a cop? Bulletproof fur? Hilarious.

The show does subtlety very well. I'm sure we all noticed the speeding semi, the person in the owl sweater named Olivia (Owen's ex). But there was also the scene where Nan's daughter explains the lemur, says she's pregnant, and the middle name is going to "Fuck You Nan" - FUN, the same middle name of the truck driver who hit Annie's car and killed her sister. And then, after that, we hear Linda recount a story of taking her little sister to find her parents, and only finding her dad weeping. Stone's performance here was stunning. I'm sure there were even more instances of Annie's and Owen's pasts and trauma leaking into the story.
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