Mike Tyson Mysteries: The End
October 28, 2014 11:11 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the series premiere, Mike Tyson and his friends help Cormac McCarthy finish his latest novel.
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From IMDb: Mike Tyson, his adopted daughter, a friendly ghost, and an alcoholic pigeon solve mysteries.

An Adult Swim cartoon, featuring Mike Tyson as the voice of Mike Tyson, Norm MacDonald as Pigeon, Rachel Ramras as (the adopted) Yung Hee, and Jim Rash (Dean Pelton from Community) as the Marquess of Queensbury.

OK, I'm sold.
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Is this stupid-funny or just stupid? For reference, Archer is good, the talking horse show is stupid.
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Which talking horse show?
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Bojack Horseman.

Is there currently more than one talking horse show? I hope not.
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BoJack Horseman's radically funny sadness is the MetaFilter post you might want to (not) read if you have not yet seen the show.

I actually find it a lot better* than Archer**.

* BoJack Horseman is really not all guffaws, I'm only halfway into it, and it gets serious. Not like "in a very special episode of Blossom" serious, but "wow, are they really treating the attempt to define success and adulthood" serious (at least, that's my take of the show with the people with animal heads, set in Hollywood).

** I still haven't gotten into this show, though I've only seen a few episodes. It feels like someone tried to make a "grown-up" version of South Park, but only got so far away from juvenile humor, even though they pull some pretty good jokes, too. And it's the voice of Bob, from Bob's Burgers, not Archer (though you can apparently tell the two apart if you really get into both shows).

Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion of a show about Mike Tyson solving crimes, with the help of his side-kicks.
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(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the other famous talking horse show currently airing, there might be knockoffs.)

I just watched this, it was inoffensive bro-stoner comedy. Maybe better-read than usual. Definitely more watchable than Mr. Pickles.

I doubt it's really going to grapple with anything super-serious and dark, like Tyson's own life, but who knows. When you involve someone like Tyson, there's no avoiding it. Any show dealing with real people with real histories can't avoid that stuff entirely.

I'm not necessarily going to make an effort to follow this, but I won't actively avoid it.
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I just finished this and I thought it was pretty funny. Especially the way Tyson never said 'Cormac McCarthy' or 'chupacabra' the same way twice. The premise and the plot are ridiculous, but that doesn't seem to matter. Norm MacDonald always cracks me up, although I hope for more than an endless string of horn-dog-trapped-in-a-pigeon's-body jokes in the future.

The one thing that bothers me just a little is the thought that perhaps Tyson is playing a punch-drunk version of himself that may become all too real sometime in the future.

Small Dollar: Definitely more watchable than Mr. Pickles.
Word. I'd rather watch something by Tim & Eric than Mr. Pickles. Hell, I'd rather actually watch The Jim & Derrick Show — meaning a real version of the fake show — than Mr. Pickles. It's kind of amazing how the people in development down at Williams Street just have no clue at all. Out of all the pilots they ordered, they picked the 12 laugh-free minutes that are Mr. Pickles to turn into a show. Given their track record, I think they'd be better off throwing darts at the wall.
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Is this stupid-funny or just stupid?

I thought it was funny and not-stupid, and I liked that it wasn't leaning too hard into the absurdist/transgressive thing that props up so many forgettable Adult Swim shows. I'm rooting for it to find its groove and stay in the lineup.
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