True Detective: After You've Gone   Rewatch 
October 28, 2014 12:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Rust convinces Marty that he has a debt, and the two begin to work together on the investigation again after a decade. Aside from one brief jaunt back to recount Rust's interview of Johnny Joanie, the story mostly moves forward in the present time as they follow up on the missing persons reports (not) filed about Marie Fontenot.

Bonus materials and stuff at Darkness Becomes You

There's a video tape.
Marty Hart's reaction to the horrible video of Marie Fontenot's murder was low hanging fruit for Internet Comedians and, as all great memes are wont, became another permutation of the 'reaction video' phenomenon. Spoilers for other shows follow at these links (playlist):
via MetaFilter, Marty Hart watches The Star Wars Holiday Special
Marty Hart watches the Red Wedding (Game of Thrones)
Marty Hart watches Dexter finale
Marty Hart watches The Hunger Games - The Mockingjay Pt. 1
Marty Hart watches Star Wars Episode VII
Marty Hart watches The Bachelor Finale
Marty Hart watches the Maple Leafs suck at hockey
Marty Hart watches the True Detective season 1 finale (uhh...)
Marty Hart watches the How I Met Your Mother finale
Marty Hart watches IceJJFish - On the Floor
Marty Hart watches HBO's Girls
Marty Hart watches Sholay!

Music (playlist)
Another fantastic episode's worth of music:
The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road (Title Sequence)
Juice Newton - Angel of the Morning
School of the Seven Bells - Trance Figure
Gregg Allman - Floating Bridge
Vincent & Mr. Green - Red Light (Featuring Ravenbird)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Fault Line
Richard & Linda Thompson - Did She Jump or Was She Pushed
Townes Van Zandt - Lungs
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Perhaps the best part about watching True Detective is that I get in on the "Marty Hart Watches..." meme. I liked the Red Wedding one best.
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"I won't avert my eyes. Not again."

"What can I do to help?"

I think those two lines are the moments when (by Pizzolatto's standards at least) Rust and Marty become heroes. Or using Campbell's terminology, when they finally truly answer the call to heroism.

Also, those montages of Rust and Marty's lives were shit sad.
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Also, those montages of Rust and Marty's lives were shit sad.

As a wise person said on 4chan, "you may be sad, but you will never be Marty-eating-a-TV-dinner sad".
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I'm familiar with that Richard & Linda Thompson song. When it came up here I fervently wished everyone else watching could appreciate how utterly perfect and devastating the song choice was. So much so I wanted to pause it right there and grab my copy of Shoot Out The Lights just to make sure everybody in the room was appreciating it enough.
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Marty is absolutely disassociated from his family. Maggie is in closer touch with his girls than he is.

"One expanding circular fuckup."

Rust threatens to torture the sheriff with a car battery and jumper cables. That threat will come true, though not in the way we might expect.
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So on the one side we have critics who find Cohle’s dialogue to be “egregious” and “shallow,” and on the other we have critics who say that that’s just the point—Cohle is a damned mess, and one of the ways the show conveys it is through his incomprehensible philosophical soliloquies. (Kenny Herzog of New York magazine trots a middle ground, praising the show for giving us “philosophy for thought, whether inconsequential or essential.”) This means that nowhere is the possibility considered that Cohle’s philosophical remarks might be, on the one hand central to the show, and on the other philosophically serious and significant.
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