A Dark Song (2016)
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A determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant them what they want. 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.
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If the film had taken a different turn, it could have been an occult take on kitchen sink drama, like some Ken Loach or Mike Leigh characters who'd wandered off the estate and tried their hand at the dark arts. These are really resonant characters, really working their way through very real pain. The exhausting/tedious/difficult nature of the ritual they build is like a genre film translation of the very real emotional work people do to get over psychological damage. The fact that their ritual actually works takes it somewhere else, but it all felt of a piece.

Some people will probably be rankled by the ending. I was not. I really liked it. The angel's sad smile as she made her wish. Just perfect.

This is one of the very best independent horror films of the last 10-15 years.
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Yeah, I thought it was an excellent film until the last ten minutes or so. I liked its vision of magic as something one has to really sacrifice for and invest time in--rather like Primer's attitude towards time travel. And it was effectively tense since it tells you very little about either person and gives you reason to suspect each person's motives. I thought the buildup was masterful. It was done in a way that let you wonder whether magic was real or she was just hallucinating because she was depriving herself of so many things...

But then the muddy creeps were a let down. And after repeated mentions of how tragic it would be if a certain law of magic was trespassed upon, once it occurs the film seemed to suggest something incredible and terrifying had happened, but then it backed away to a much warmer ending.

I think I took it at face value, and perhaps I shouldn't because your assessment of its message sounds accurate.
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This film had such a great bleak atmosphere. The soundtrack was great, too, especially this piece.
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I think it's important that the ritual succeeds for her, as otherwise the message of the film would go from "You may have go through unspeakably dark times to get through loss" to "Not even heaven and not even hell can help you when you lose a child."
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I really enjoyed this film, but it's been a while. Thanks for reminding it's time for a rewatch.
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The growly zombies were a bit meh, but I loved the tension and atmosphere of the build-up, and I absolutely loved that the movie takes a last-minute swerve on the question of what magic is, what it's for, and whether it works.

My favorite small touches were the lines about the distantly barking dog and the moments where she takes comfort from the sound of her son's voice, knowing it is a mocking demon.
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