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I'm trying to bring back discussion of Supergirl since it's gone out of favor, but seriously, season 4 is really good, y'all.

I really wasn't into the whole Reign thing last season but this season is on FIRE. The president has been outed as an alien and forced to resign, xenophobia is everywhere, and as of this third episode we're seeing a show about a guy becoming prejudiced against aliens when they start messing up his life. Close to real life? Yup. Kicking ass, though.
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This "Man of Steel" episode is good as well as terrifying, but I admit it is throwing me no end at Ben Lockwood's resemblance to Superman. That is screwing with me. The more Ben's family business gets wrecked, when his literal home gets wrecked, when he starts losing it in general...oy.
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I knew I hadn't finished Season 3, but now that it's on Netflix I looked to see where I stopped watching and thought it was close to the end. Turns out I need to pick up at Episode 14! That seems like a long slog for a plot I wasn't really engaging with. Does the season improve? Would I be missing anything important if I just skipped ahead to Season 4?
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I'm an episode behind at this point, so take that into consideration as I offer my comments. I'm not really enjoying this season. It's feeling really heavy-handed and preachy to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with the messages the show is trying to send, it's just that I'm kind of tired of getting them dropped on my head like a piano falling from a skyscraper window.

I've decided to keep watching until the crossover. After that, I'll have to reevaluate and see if it's still worth my time. That said, I'm still glad the show exists and that it and its messages are available to a younger, audience. I hope it's able to exert a little bit of influence over them while instilling in them a sense of wonder and hope.

As for last season, I think I'd just skip it Servo5678. As long as you're up with the status quo (a Brainy-Wynn swap with Brainy staying in the current time and Wynn jetting off the the future with the Legion), I think you're good to go for this season.
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The rest of S3 never got better. Just unrelentingly dark, mostly literally.

I like this season better, and I don't mind the anvil-ness of the allegories. Seems like we need some more anvils these days.
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Skip season three. All you really need to know is what went on in the last episode that Jeremy Jordan left the show (to go back to Broadway apparently) and was replaced by Brainy, J'onn's dad died and J'onn has retired or whatever and left the DEO to Alex to run. And Mon-El finally left for good. Oh yeah and uh, SOME part of Krypton still exists and that never made sense to me in the first place.
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Oh yeah and uh, SOME part of Krypton still exists and that never made sense to me in the first place.

Forget it, Jen. It's Kandortown.
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Is anyone opposed to individual episode posts? I finally have time to catch up and I wouldn't mind keeping up more focused discussions for each episodes. (I haven't read through anything here because of spoilers, though)
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I have never seen a show that wasn't improved by bringing on Sam Witwer and Supergirl has so far not been an exception.

The first episode of the season was a little too over-the-top with the allegories, without enough actual storytelling going on to carry it, but they've settled down a little bit since then. I am hesitant about where this heavy-handed editorializing on current affairs will end up, though - it's just too easy for me to imagine them concluding with some kind of mealy-mouthed "there's fine people good points on both sides" pablum which might work fine in the world of Supergirl but is doing a powerful disservice to actual current events. But we'll see; I was pleased that James' dilemma in the most recent episode (reporting the objective facts vs. taking an editorial stand) definitely showed they have at least some understanding of the complexity of the issues they're tackling.
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Okay, I just caught up on the latest episode. It was still incredibly heavy handed, but I'll give the team full credit for a departure from their normal storytelling mode.

Seriously, though, there is no way then Thanagarians (is this the first first time they've been mentioned in the Arrowverse?) would all that quantity of Nth metal out to a foreign world, and there is doubly no way it would be cheap enough to turn into things like whiteboard ledges. I doubt they'd be willing to trade in Nth metal at all, given its properties and their reverence for it.
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Also, the one thing I wish they had addressed was how Ben was able to support himself and his family (and continue to buy himself nice, fancy clothes) after he was placed on leave without pay from the university. It's not like the family business would have been offering him a means of support.
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I'd be fine with individual episodes, I just figured that since Supergirl seemed to have fallen out of favor around here and nobody had done any posts for a while, maybe people had lost interest. I can't guarantee that I'll get to it Monday morning but if someone else wants to do individuals if I don't get to it, feel free!

I was going to say that Ben might have nice clothes left over, and then I remembered oh yeah, he had a fire :P
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just finished the 2nd episode. I like that it's kind of topical. I think that's more of what we need right now. It's necessarily preachy. Supergirl has always been about a certain kind of message, and I'm perfectly fine with the one they're trying to convey now.

As for the show's structure itself, I'm still waiting for that to hook me. I think not having the old team kind of took away some connections that I like. Winn is definitely a loss, but I also miss having J'onn be the boss. Alex is definitely a good enforcer and leader but she doesn't feel quite there yet. Although that might be written and acted on purpose to give us a sense of transition. Brainy trying to be Winn was definitely funny.

Speaking of, I can't figure out why they're trying to make Brainy more "human" somehow. He was portrayed as very Brainiac like in the last season, without getting very emotional. But now being hurt emotionally made him unable to calculate stuff? I hope that's better handled or explained going forward.
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well that took a major turn. it's kinda funny, now Sam Witwer has both fought against Superman (in Smallville) and Supergirl. I'm intrigued to see where this goes. But also, I hope they will show how Russian Supergirl will also be affected by the atmosphere and not just handwave it away.
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oh and I forgot to note: Vicky should've known better than to leave the Bad Place!
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Thanagarians (is this the first first time they've been mentioned in the Arrowverse?)

They were mentioned in Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow and are the reason why the Time Masters let Vandal Savage conquer Earth. They foresaw that only his brutal leadership would be enough to fight back against the invading Thanagarians, so for the sake of Earth, they let him take over. The Legends put a stop to that and defeated Savage, so it's anyone's guess what will happen in the future now. Of course, that's all on Earth-1 and not Kara's Earth-38.
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I like this season better, and I don't mind the anvil-ness of the allegories. Seems like we need some more anvils these days.

Yep. I'm cool with S4's current path because we need this sort of perspective espoused in as many places as possible.

I think Man of Steel is my favorite episode so far this season partly because I'm a sucker for seeing superhero battles from a street level, (and I admit I laughed at J'onn declaring 'you're safe now!' as their house burned behind him), and partly because I think Witwer's performance really sold his radicalization. The seething anger he developed, the way he offered those specious arguments felt dead on to me.

Speaking of, I can't figure out why they're trying to make Brainy more "human" somehow.

Feels like that thing where this kind of show doesn't realize we'd all empathize more with a much more robotic Brainy.
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You're right Servo5678. That little detail slipped my mind, although after I posed the question, I thought they had probably been mentioned in that mess that was the Hawkpeople arc in Legends.
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Hawkpeople arc in Legends

The hawks are supposedly coming back for some reason on this season of Legends. I think we'd be better off if the show forgot they were a thing. They weighed down The Flash before they spun off and then of course were a mess on Season 1 of Legends.
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That's the most depressing news I've heard in a while. The Hawkpeople were terrible. We don't need them back. They were badly written and badly acted, and they just dragged everything else around them down. It's not that I'm against the Hawks in general--about the only current title from DC that I'm actually reading and enjoying is the Hawkman one--but the TV versions of these characters are pretty irredeemable.
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I rage/disappointment-quit Supergirl after S2, and nothing I'd heard about season 3 via tumblr-osmosis convinced me to Netflix it to catch up, but the S4 positive buzz has been noticeable enough that I've considered giving it a new shot. (And, as a Grimm fan, I feel like I kind of have to see Bitsie Tulloch's Lois Lane.) Mon-El is really and truly gone now, right?
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Oh god, not the hawks. I can deal with the girl but Carter was HOOOOOOOORIBLE.

Brainy is coming off a lot stupider than you'd expect from a guy called "Brainiac."
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Supposedly. I mean I can always see a reason to bring the Legion back or bring Kara into the future, but I think we can say the Mon-El/Kara arc is over.
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We knew Wonder Woman was an alien but I had assumed she was an alien that had been born in America if that, uh, makes any sense. I'm really not on board with her, you know, completely trashing the Constitution to become President even if she was apparently a decent one. And I'm not sure I buy that Our Heroes would be on board with that either. Are you really standing up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way if you just sorta ignore the foundational covenant of the land because it would be inconvenient otherwise?

I don't think this makes me one bad day from becoming Lex Luthor... maybe.
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Just caught up on S4 and OMG it's so, so very much better than S3. Except what is with Alex's hair? She has such an aggressive look/demeanor this season. I guess I prefer the kick-ass Alex who totally surprised her adversaries with her ability to break their legs, not the one who looks like she is permanently pissed off and combat ready 24/7.

I commend the show for going all in with the immigration fear/hate storyline. It felt like vintage Twilight Zone or Star Trek. I don't mind that it was in no way subtle.
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I don't like Alex's hair either. Weird slight poof on top + too short on sides somehow combines to makes her look grumpier. I liked her edgy bob better.
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Grumpy Alex is the best Alex.
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I don't like Alex's hair either. Weird slight poof on top

I know I am An Old Who Is Not Hip To The Trends Of The Day, but that weird-slight-poof-on-top thing is all over TV this season, all across the gender presentation spectrum. I noticed it a few weeks ago, and now I can't stop seeing it.
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Otis should have realized you don't mess with Beebo.
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Ok, I've watched the first 2 episodes of S4, and I guess I'm back onboard. (But I can't deal with the continuity confusion, so, I'm going to Netflix my way through S3 as well.)

I vote for switching back to individual episode thread format though.
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I'm gonna get that started for the current episode.
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