The Bechdel Cast?
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Is anyone else listening to The Bechdel Cast, a podcast that looks at how women are portrayed in films? I feel like we could have some interesting conversations about the films and the podcast episodes about them, but you kinda need to have both seen the film in question and have heard the podcast, so participation would probably be super low.

On the one hand, threads would probably end up largely being commentary on the movies themselves so maybe a separate thread might not be necessary, but on the other hand the posts might provide some good jumping off points for talking about movies in this specific context?

And on the other other hand, it's a pretty funny podcast.
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I started listening to it recently, but I started from the oldest episodes, so it'll probably be a few months before I'm caught up to listening to the new episodes as they drop. I'm enjoying it mostly, but I probably wouldn't have much to say about it in a thread.
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Hadn't heard about this podcast, so thanks for the tip!
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