Black Lightning: The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak
October 30, 2018 8:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Jefferson confronts Anissa about her reckless and irresponsible behavior leading to a fierce disagreement.
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ugh this episode felt like a drag for some reason. I think it could've been a 20 minute part of a stronger episode. But also I dunno what to cut. I guess it was more necessary filler. But at least we know what Tobias was planning with all those murders.
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I'm bummed that the AV Club is dropping regular recaps.

When the noises of the hall fight started, I thought we were going to end up with another 'ripped from the headlines' kind of demonstration of the school-to-prison pipeline with Lowry's new security officers making a violent arrest.

I didn't think the episode was a drag exactly - Jefferson had a bunch of powerful scenes. But I feel kind of impatient with Jennifer's scenes, as I'm just anxiously waiting for her to get her own super suit.
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The more I watch, the more I enjoy the human aspects of this show. They seem to me pretty plausible.
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