The 100: Inclement Weather
October 31, 2014 8:58 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Octavia looks for Lincoln, Jaha looks for the improbable baby, Kane looks for a way to keep everyone from being killed by grounders, and Clarke looks for the truth about what's going on in Mt. Weather.
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A lot of place setting this episode.

Mt. Weather plotline: entirely a holding pattern until the reveal at the end. We get a new character who everyone pretends has been there all along, which, okay, fine. There's a strong effort to make it seem like maybe Clarke really is just being paranoid, but it doesn't work because *of course* something is up and we all know it. There's the arm thing. I'm looking forward to the eventual Anya/Clarke alliance when they break out of there.

DC Area plotline: I feel bad for Lincoln's friend, but you know. Makes sense. Why did the reapers leave her and the other woman behind? Do they not eat women? That part doesn't make sense.

Main camp plotline: Raven gets the bullet cut out of her, in a pretty good sequence which cuts into a good Murphy scene. He's still an awful little turd, but I'm really enjoying his scenes this season. I'm ambivalent about Kane. He seemed different after his change of heart last season, but he's back to his same authoritarian self now that they're on the ground.

Ark plotline: Jaha lives! This was pretty strong, and I'm glad to see he'll be hanging around. That there was a missile hanging around which could get someone safely to the ground without heavy modification seems unlikely. Why didn't that come up in Raven's plotline last season? I'll go with though, because it means Jaha can come save everyone from Kane eventually.
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Gah! This show keeps getting better.

I started watching the first season on a whim, hoping it wouldn't get too "teen drama" and man it's awesome! (Also, I'm totally fine looking at Lincoln....)

I LOVE the creepiness of the Mt Weather people. The whole scenery, dress, and acting is wonderfully done. Of course there's something creepy going on, but I love just how creepy it ended up being. My questions for this plotline are:
- Does that mean that's the meat they're eating?
- If they're using their blood to treat what I assume is radiation sickness, then wouldn't that mean they could build a tolerance to radiation - and thus live above ground?
-Do they not do this because they don't want to share where the blood comes from? Couldn't they lie and say they found a way to do it without mentioning the blood-slaves?

Also, I like the tension with the adults versus kids, but I wish the adults would be a bit more open-minded. They seem a little too "You're a kid you don't know anything" whereas those kids went to war and built a camp and survived without the adults - plus they're almost adults anyway. I hope they get that through their skulls soon.
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Ah, yes, the new character. I totally went, "Who?!" Did it turn out that the kid was the security force guy's son? It was almost that Lost phenomenon, "Oh, he was seated two rows behind me but wasn't really important until this episode..."

The deep, dark secret of Mt. Weather was revealed. I have to say, I was honestly surprised and a little bit shocked by the reveal. I didn't expect to see men and women hanging upside down with their blood draining out to be pumped into the bodies of Mt. Weatherians. Well done, writers, well done! It also provided a new rationale for why they want the 100 kids around, it isn't to get them into the gene pool (or perhaps it still is...), but as another supply of blood from individuals "acclimated" to the radioactive world outside the mountain. I'm completely up for that Anya/Clarke alliance.

The Mt. Weatherians have also become a bit more Morlock after all, preying on the survivors above ground, while they survive underground. Was there some kind of loud horn played before the red smoke/gas was dropped and they came rushing onto the battlefield to catch people? (That would be one more callback to the Morlocks, except it was designed to bring the above ground peeps to the Morlocks, versus announce their attack).

Lincoln and Friends. It's great to see her step up and slowly become more ruthless, even if it meant holding a blade to some dude's neck who just saved her life. The Reapers, I would like to know more about. They're one more class of human(?) on our post-nuclear apocalypse world. I do say, I find Lincoln so much more interesting as a character than our friend from the Sky People.

Jaha....bam! I theorized last week that if he found a real baby, then he would make it to Earth. I will give myself half credit for that prediction. It made so much sense for him to find a baby, perhaps a forbidden baby, that had somehow been left behind. This was the revealed before Clarke's discovery, and it also caught me by surprise. This just doesn't happen to me and television that often. As a result, loved it. I'm happy he did make it to Earth, but where on Earth is the question. I get the feeling that we will get Jaha surviving his way through a desert next episode. The scene is slightly reminiscent of Planet of the Apes, with the survivor of a spaceship crash landing in a desert and having to make his way out. It looked like I even saw the Brooklyn Bridge (not far from the Statue of Liberty) poking its head out of the desert.

I think the reason the missile didn't come up as an option was because it's such a far fetched insane idea that no reasonable person would have considered doing what Jaha did. I'll also go with it.

Raven, poor Raven, but hey, it's better than never walking again at all. I don't know why, but I really want Murphy redeemed, even though for pretty much most of the show he's been nothing but a jerk or worse. As for the adults taking over, I was kind of surprised that the adult security team got captured and crucified so easily. It makes sense for kids walking off on their own to get nabbed, but you would think three trained soldiers would be better. Granted, they're now in a terrain their grandfathers barely could remember.

I LOVE the creepiness of the Mt Weather people. The whole scenery, dress, and acting is wonderfully done.

So true. I love how the clothing is faded, decrypted almost, just like the people wearing it!

Does that mean that's the meat they're eating?

Gawd, I didn't even think of that. Me and my Morlock comparisons, even. That would be wicked, twisted, and I want to see the 100's reaction if they realize they've been eating human. Someone said last episode, Soylent Green? Perhaps more true than realized!
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It's interesting how often the actor that plays Murphy has played the "bad" kid, so yeah, I'd really like to see him redeemed just to avoid how easy it is to make the shifty-looking kid evil.
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Well, that was sure as hell fucked up at the end. DAMN. What the shit is that?

Also yeah, figured Jaha was hallucinating a baby. I got the chills with his breaking helmet. Can't believe that dude survived, but I guess you don't get rid of Isaiah Washington that easily unless he ticks people off?

Poor Raven. I think she has a point that they're not exactly living in wheelchair-friendly terrain there.
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Oh yeah, also, new amazing credits!
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