Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: State Attorneys General
November 4, 2018 10:08 PM - Season 5, Episode 27 - Subscribe

That week....
  • Violence marred the prior week, and Fox News went out of their way to position the attacks as "false flag" operations, supposedly stages by Democrats to make Republicans look bad. Geraldo Riviera "outsmarts himself" in making such allegations.
  • Saudi Arabia continues to try to explain the disappearance, likely murder, of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, while President Trump and right-wing figures try to downplay the killing of an American resident.
  • Main story: the role of state Attorneys General on our nation, their role in investigating wrongdoing, and the increasing degree to which the offices have become politicized. YouTube
  • Special productions: A WWE commercial that properly notes the fact that it takes place in Saudi Arabia, and the problems that causes; a concert for bagpipes, accordion, theremin and recorder (multiple, played by young children) to annoy people to stepping away from their TV sets and actually researching their states' candidates for Attorney General. A good place to do that, they note, is at

F.37: "Trickus Treatum," MEGYN KELLY
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Please note: this is not THIS week's episode. This is last week's, which I went back and wrote up since it'll be less relevant after the election Tuesday. The writeup for THIS week's episode of Last Week Tonight is forthcoming....
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I don’t know whether it was Johnny O that got Johnny C (ena) to not attend WWE Crown Jewel, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt, and for that, I thank him.
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