Grimm: Octopus Head
November 1, 2014 9:07 AM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Portland and the Wesen world are busy places these days - Nick and Hank are trying to catch the Memory Eater (Gedächtnis Esser), needing the help of Trubel and her Grimm powers; Trubel lives up to her nickname in more ways than one; Wu remembers he's seen Trubel before her sudden appearance as Nick & Juliette's "criminology student" houseguest; the FBI (and an as-yet-unknown group of Wesen) are still trying to figure out how a rogue FBI agent (and Wesen) wound up beheaded in Nick & Juliette's house, pressuring Nick for answers; Adalind makes it to Vienna and the Royals, but her reception is not what she anticipated; Monroe and Rosalee aren't sure they can restore Nick's Grimm abilities; Juliette isn't sure they should; Captain Renard gets a surprise visitor while on his deathbed; and Adalind's theft of Nick's powers seems to have some unexpected side affects . . . . . .
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Ah, I finally remembered where I recognized Caitlin on The Flash from: she played a Dämonfeuer (mild spoilers) in the first season.

If they did crossovers, she and Madame Vastra could have Captain Cold for dinner.
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I love that the Captain's mother's two-headed snake device had a red end and a black end. Because it's basically some magical jumper cables.
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The "mind flayer" just ended up removing all of Trubel's trauma and now she doesn't have really scary or painful memories of Wesen encounters, right? Cheap.
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Small Dollar, I'm not sure if she lost her memories as she recognizes Nick etc and doesn't seem to have any memory gaps so far, although they may be saving this reveal for another episode. This seems to be another case of "Things are different Grimms just because."

I think based on Juliet's behavior this ep her character may be leaving show.
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Nooo! Juliet has become one of my favourite characters on a show stuffed with them. Her and Nick are just wonderful.
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Interview with Bitsie Tulloch.
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I love that the body-swap plot is such a staple of the genre (hell, even White Collar found a way to do it in a non-genre way by having Neal & Peter having to pretend to be each other for a case, so I assume all tv-writers keep that plot in their pocket for a rainy day) really looking forward to some more extended Nick-as-Adalind & Adalind-as-Nick scenes. The actors have been working together long enough that they should be able to have some fun with it. Too bad Monroe & Hank aren't part of it, they've probably got the most distinctive voices to imitate.
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My take was that being a Grimm means your memories can't be stolen. And maybe copies of your traumatic memories are transferred in self defense?

So... right now Nick is a potential victim.
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That snake looked really ropy; I always get the feeling that Grimm saves most of its VFX budget for the wesen transformations. (The Royal's castle also often looks fakey-fake-fake.)

Yay, body-swap!

Again DEAR GOD JUST TELL WU. He saw the Aswang.
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I think telling Wu's going to be a running gag this series: Nick or Hank or Reynard getting to "well actually there's something you need to---" when OOPS INTERRUPTED BY SUDDEN EMERGENCY.
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My take was that being a Grimm means your memories can't be stolen. And maybe copies of your traumatic memories are transferred in self defense?

I took it that the wiping is the final step, not an as-you-go. The fellow whose attack Trubel interrupted also still had his self awareness.
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