Legends of Tomorrow: Hell No, Dolly!
December 3, 2018 7:33 PM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Constantine is forced to confront his tragic past but it could have devastating consequences for the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Mona has a crush on someone she works with and gets some advice from Nate, and Sara tries to come up with a way for Rory and Ava to get along.
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Why can't Mick have a fake girlfriend, indeed.

Mona, the interspecies jail loving is not a good idea, though Nate's "it's 2018" was pretty funny.

Poor Des and Constantine.

Not sure how they're going to go from here, but they never do know....

I know Legends isn't in this year's crossover, but now I wonder how their fucking around with time again affects the crossover?
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hey that's Michael from Apocalypse World!

* goes back to watch the episode *
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Oooo that was so good. I had forgotten about puppet Marty! And I love that Mick still really hates puppets.

Here's a behind the scene at how they did that freeze frame, with numerous things holding the actors up in place.

Yeah I also have no idea where they're going next episode, it's exciting!

So how did John not joining the Legends lead to Zari turning into a cat? Any ideas? Also, wouldn't Charlie be zapped right to wherever she was if she was never captured? Or is time still playing catch up?
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I confused AU Michael from Supernatural for Manny from Constantine, and when they started making out, I was really surprised until I took the time to look up the actors.
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You have to love the effects of timeline changes across the DCniverse:

Flash: Cisco's brother died
Arrow: Diggle's baby changed gender
Legends: Zari turns into a cat.

I watched the Constantine series and while I enjoyed it a bit, I never quite felt they nailed the vibe. Legends has been a definite improvement, but this episode got the darkness of the character and his backstory spot on (even though it was mostly done in flashback).

In some ways I think the puppet was almost a little undercooked compared to other magical beings, as we had so much going on elsewhere, but I hope it (he?) survives the timequake as it has a lot of unused potential.
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Holy crap, can we please please please have the Stein puppet as a recurring character?? And can it be the guy from Greg the Bunny doing it?

This show is on fire for the last season or so.
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Until the reveal I was worried that Mike the Spike was going to inhabit Beebo.

Note that the box that contained the Dr. Stein puppet was labeled "309" which is the episode that the puppet was in last season.
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