Sabrina (2018)
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A toymaker and his wife are terrorized by a demonized doll after their adopted child tries to summon her late mother's spirit using a spooky ritual. The third film in the Indonesian horror film series, The Doll.
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Director Rocky Soraya mostly seems to have taken the wrong lessons from American film. The creature design here has the same kind of vibe as the much better May the Devil Take You. And he manages some good shots here and there. And, if like me, you do a fair bit of tourism through movie watching, there is a different vibe to some scenes that may provide mild interest.

But really, the overall effect is like seeing a pretty middling US/Canadian horror film about an evil doll translated without a lot of pizzazz into an Indonesian setting.

I've become a HUGE fan of Timo Tjahjanto, so I've been hoping to find more cool stuff out of Indonesia. But so far, all I've checked out beyond Tjahjanto's work is this and Kuntilaanak, which was so bad I couldn't make it past the first fifteen minutes. I doubt he exists in a vacuum, so I'm still on the hunt for more good stuff.

The main reason I wanted to post this is, on the off chance that someone else also watched this... in the scene where Maira hears the weird noise and goes to investigate right before the little girl first mentions she is seeing her mom, what was the deal with giant rat? Was that just for us, as some kind of omen that Maira didn't see? Or did she legit, just see a gigantic rat go past pretty much at eye level and give the same "WHEW! It was just a ___" reaction usually reserved for cats?
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It would be amazing if they put William Holden's ghost in this as a wink.
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