Vanderpump Rules: Either Him or Me
December 18, 2018 2:51 PM - Season 7, Episode 3 - Subscribe

James spirals out of control after being ambushed by Kristen at Pride, while his girlfriend, Raquel, struggles to accept new rumors about his alleged infidelity; Jax and Brittany decide to start a beer cheese company.
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"If you took a bad James Bond villain, made him drunk on Fireball, and then had him played by an emaciated Muppet, that would be less annoying than James Kennedy." - Stassi Shroeder
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Yesyesyes, thanks for making these posts! This was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE EPISODES. There was everything... unintentional hilarity (Jax and Brittany criticizing James and Raquel's relationship, of all people to throw stones), plot development (Katie's ultimatum to Lisa!), backstabbing (Scheana being excluded from girls' night!) and the aforementioned Stassi Schroeder zinger. I find Stassi really disappointing in real life given her political statements and general cluelessness but the character she plays on the show is great.

This was also the first ever episode where I saw Lisa as a human being - I feel bad for her over the loss of her brother, that must have been horrible.

One thing I find jarring is how increasingly Botoxed the cast each year. I'm sure I'll get used to their new faces after a few episodes but I keep seeing people and thinking, "Eeeesh...."

And the Watch What Crappens podcast is as always a required companion to this show. Their interpretation of it makes it so much more compelling as a piece of pop culture. I literally would not watch it without that podcast.
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I cannot with Katie - I realize people mature and change, but she's literally the person who said in the first episode of the first season "You can't be over a size 2 and work here."

And she's also the person who repeatedly slut-shamed Lala for having the audacity to be topless near her boyfriend, then got all involved in those rumors about her dating a married man (which she may have been, but it's really not her business anyway) *and* she called her a whore at work and was just like "call it like I see it" but now we're supposed to believe that Katie is a true feminist and body-positive icon who wants to break down all the walls of oppression and call out misogyny and anti-woman behavior? It just seems way too convenient for me and I honestly wonder why no one on the show is bringing any of her anti-woman past up, or all of the times she got drunk and ran her mouth and rage texted everyone, which is basically the same thing they're all criticizing James for doing now.

It's also weirding me out that Ariana is part of the Stassi/Katie/Kristen clique now and on board with excluding Scheana. I'm honestly just finding this whole season annoying and kind of boring with the constant attempts at validating Jax and how much he's "changed" and now all of this "Katie is a feminist" "Ariana is now a cliquey mean girl" "James is the worst person ever cause he's a drunk mess (because none of us ever were!)" stuff.

I mean obviously, I'll still keep watching, but I hope they change trajectories at some point.
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primalux, totally agree, Katie is a jerk. However, if James gets disciplined/fired for his behavior, I think it's a net positive, because Katie's bad behavior doesn't make James's less bad.

I actually like Ariana (okay, it's Vanderpump Rules, so, I dislike Ariana the least) and am trying to rationalize her behavior as her recognizing Geek Social Fallacy #4, that all of your friends do not have to be friends with one another. Now, if she participates in any actual badmouthing of Scheana (my memory of this episode was just that she said she hadn't seen Scheana much, which is not a dig), I will change my tune.
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rogerrogerwhatsyourrvectorvicto, agreed about the James situation*, I think I was just speaking more of how the show is trying to push this as a story as though we all have amnesia about how much terrible shit has been said from one person to another while at work. It's just a thing that annoys me about this season so far.

*He also just seems like a person with a terrible substance abuse problem that really needs to get help. I listen to SUP (Sexy Unique Podcast), and it's mostly people that live in the same neighborhood and inhabit the same scene as the VPR people, and the host has said that James has asked her friend for coke recently when they were at the same bar, and the guest this week told a whole story about how they were hanging out with James at See You Next Tuesday (as fans, not friends) and he asked for weed and they shared a joint which he then took and tried to give to Billie Lee and when they tried to get their joint back he started screaming at them that they were peasants. Ugh.
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primalux, yikes re: James' substance abuse (and aggression) problems. Sounds like it's not an a character he puts on. Do they say anything about what Raquel is like in real life? I feel like the show is grooming him to be the new Jax since Jax is "reformed" (for now) and that includes encouraging his addictions because they make good TV. Cue me asking myself for the 10,000th time whether I should stop watching VPR!
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