RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Super Girl Groups, Henny
December 22, 2018 4:12 AM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The girls must prepare a musical number featuring former contestant Stacy Layne Matthews.
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I hearby rescind my comment from last week wishing Gia as the season's villain over Valentina. Yowza is Gia black of heart. I clapped at Trinity's flat statement to everyone saying that it's time for Gia to leave. Hopefully it isn't long.

Valentina sure redeemed herself with that lipsync. Sad to see Farrah go, but she seemed much shakier than her season, even if her outfits look newly expensive. The delivery of "you don't love me....You REALLY don't love me" had me giggling.
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I feel like the producers set up Gia to be the villain, but it's not really working because she's too dumb? It's too transparent.
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I must be super biased because I thought Monique did a great job this episode but she ended up in the bottom. Her singing was great! Her lyrics were good and relevant. Her outfit was maybe just fine, but nothing that warranted the looks on RuPaul and Michelle's faces during her piece. V. confused. Farrah was awful, though.

Great LSFYLegacy, however. Monet's spin split thing was awesome and she generally did well all around but Valentina was the clear winner.
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I'm deeply annoyed we didn't see more of Monet's lip synch. I like seeing both performers, dammit.

And fuck me if Gia needs to fuck off fast. The minute she's in the bottom she's going to get sniped, if only to clear the air in the workroom.
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