Alice Isn't Dead
December 26, 2018 2:57 PM - by Joseph Fink - Subscribe

Keisha's wife is dead. Or she's supposed to be. One day, Alice shows up in the background of a TV news story, staring directly at the camera. And then again. And again. Already riddled with anxiety, Keisha abandons her old life to become a truck driver, looking for the wife she no longer believes is dead and investigating the clues she left behind that may point to a larger, more sinister mystery. Based on the podcast of the same name by Joseph Fink (Welcome to Night Vale).
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In my own personal headcanon, the unnamed friend of young Jeff from Denton, Texas is Cyrus. And he and Jeff practice twice a week in Jeff's bedroom for their death metal band, which is the best ever out of Denton, Texas.
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The setup for this was great. But the Jumping the Shark moment is super easy to identify: when the Thistle Men are unmasked as KKK-type dudes who went over the edge and the world responds to the story with indifference. I absolutely get why that hopeless take would resonate in a kind of fatalistic way in 2018. But it comes across like a wet fart. Then, after that, the novel does a bunch of clumsy fast forwarding and stumbles its way to a lazy ending.
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Considering that Joseph Fink made a podcast with John Darnielle about the music of The Mountain Goats, and they started with that song, I think it’s probably more than just your headcanon!
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Loved the podcast, not sure if I want to re-experience it in book form.
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