Goodnight Mommy (Ich Seh Ich Seh) (2014)
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Twin boys move to a new home with their mother after she has face changing cosmetic surgery, but under her bandages is someone the children don't recognize.
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I just watched this this morning, finally, after having it recommended to me by a friend year before last when I mentioned I had been powering through a bunch of scary movies. Never actually got around to watching it.

But then of course when I googled to make sure it hadn't been posted to fanfare yet, the top mention was as a recommendation in a question I myself asked back in 2015 about unsettling movies.

Review: definitely unsettling!
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It's worth noting that bugs are heavily featured. Gross bugs. Hissing bugs.
posted by jojo and the benjamins at 11:50 AM on December 31, 2018

Just watched this on Tubi and it was such a great horror film, so deeply unsettling as it viciously played with the parent-child bond, getting increasingly horrific and ending in a sharp, dark place. And wow, the cinematography - it was gorgeous to watch. Not many horror films have me looking up the cinematographer to see what else they've done, but this one sure did. Can't imagine a single way the new U.S. remake can improve on it.

There are just a couple scenes with bugs, though I wondered about the one where a bug goes into a character's mouth. Was that a dream?

(FWIW, the few ad breaks on Tubi seemed relatively unobtrusive and came at thoughtful scene breaks, which hasn't been my experience with ad-driven streamers in the past.)
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