Runaways: Past Life
January 5, 2019 1:41 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

We find out more about Jonah's past. Alex reunites with Livvie and the new goal of the week is to try to figure out who killed Darius. Gert wants to go to Smith College. The Pride breaks up. Frank has no idea how to deal with his mess.

AV Club: The kids check in while Jonah checks out on a setup-heavy Runaways

Oh, the seventies, will you never stop paining me visually? Well, at least we know now why Jonah has to keep churning through dead kids and Catalina doesn't.

Gert and Chase continuing to have their fight--the exact same fight about college--while posing as newlyweds was comedy gold.

As Gert would tell you, Alex, don't be sexist, moms can murder too!
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I liked that fight between Gert and Chase too, that was pretty great.

Karolina kind of has my sympathy for basically losing a whole other side of her family, but I wouldn't be able to be that mad at Nico for basically taking down the bad guy that was about to kill everybody.

So I guess now we focus on the PRIDE crime stuff which honestly feels a little flat at the moment.
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